The September meeting of the Women of Words met in the downstairs meeting room of Chase Bank and we had a wonderful time with one another.
We discussed attending the Writers League of Texas Texas Writes Program in Burnet on Thursday of that week. In fact, Sally Clark, Shelley Burkhalter, Barbara Loyd, Lynn Harris, and Paula Bramlett did attend the event and we were so glad we did. Speakers Donna Johnson and Carol Dawson were entertaining and informative. We were super impressed with the Burnet library in that they offer “Library Coffee Talks” once a month with a featured local author at each event. Amazing!
Why can’t we do something like this at the Fredericksburg library? Come to TWiG next Tuesday and find out.
Judith Rost was at the WOW meeting and she brought us Chapter 15 from her murder-mystery, Murder in the High Rise. Her characters are prowling through boxes and boxes of old records in an attempt to gather information about tenants who were living in the apartment building at the time of the murder. She promised to bring the next chapter next month.
Sally Clark brought her memoir poem, “Los Compadres.” Sally also brought copies of the Tor House Foundation newsletter which printed her poem, “Summer Fruits,” after winning an honorable mention in their contest. Tor House also sent copies of pages from American Poetry Review and Poetry Magazine where she was mentioned as a winner. Both are very prestigious poetry magazines to be published in. Thank you, Lynn, for coming up with a great line I can add to my submission letters, “Sally Clark’s work has received recognition in American Poetry Review and Poetry Magazine for being chosen by nationally renown poet Edward Hirsch, to win honorable mention in the 2016 Robinson Jeffers Tor House Prize for Poetry.” (K, I know this sentence is too long - I'll work on it.) Perfect, Lynn, thank you!
Barbara Loyd read us her memoir, “Rivals,” and had us in stitches with her line, “In a romantic gesture, Barry had presented me with a five carat engagement ring from Woolworth’s after we sat together at the Texas Theater a year earlier. After he leaned his bicycle against the theater’s wall, he asked, “Will you go steady with me?” I remember those days!!
Linda Christensen brought Chapter 3 of the 4th book in her Abiding Love series which is based on her brother & sister-in-laws 40+ year marriage. In this chapter, Linda explains how to do the splits. I never knew that! Not that I could even attempt that now, but way back when, I might have.
Lynn Harris read us an installment on her book where her characters are making newspaper logs in their garage. Lynn comes to TWiG and reads us continuing chapters of her book there, too, so if you aren’t following the story very well just coming to WOW, come to TWiG and you’ll get caught up.
Paula Bramlett is working on a new fairy tale she calls The Hollow Tree in which she writes, “Those faraway days before the jagged, mourning tree startled the peace of the kingdom lived only in stories worn with time.” Enchanting! She will bring the conclusion next week, I think.
Shelley Burkhalter was with us, but didn’t bring anything to read. We’re so delighted that Shelley has joined our group! I love her stories.
Hope to see you there!
Love, Sally

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