What a great time we had at the Hill Country Women of Words September meeting! The weather is finally cooling off, but our words are heating up.
Valerie Gaumont gave us our story starter: “He felt the necessity of being alone...” and we wrote for 10 minutes. When we read what we’d written we discovered mysteries, sci-fi, everyone dies, one person dies, hospitals, memoir, parties, overdone women, snapped psyches, sailing away, and gangsters. It was great!
Lynn Harris read us more of her continuing saga, Life with Lupe. Enrique is back in Mexico now. He has a serious illness and he’s trying to keep his wife from finding out about it. Lynn has been coming to TWiG on Tuesday’s and reading us her story then, too, so if you want to keep up, come on Tuesdays to the downstairs meeting room of Chase Bank at noon.
Karen Vanek http://karenvanek.wordpress.com/  said she thought she was done with writing for her church bulletin, but they asked her for more, so she wrote “Stewardship in Action” listing a number of parishoners quotes about stewardship. Karen’s church has been studying stewardship for the past seven weeks and Karen had a number of thoughtful reflections to round out her piece plus a poem (author unknown) on stewardship that she found. Thank you, Karen, for bringing this for us to read.
Barbara Loyd http://colorfilled.blogspot.com/  had two poems published in an anthology called Dog Tales/Cat Tales published by Tablerock Poets. She read the poems to us, “Car Wash Time,” and “Furry Love.” We enjoyed the poems, Barbara. Thank you for bringing them to us and congratulations! Barbara comes to TWiG, too.
Anna Mendeke brought us a memoir called “A Visit with Auntie Bea,” after a visit with her 93 year old aunt. Sounds like she is a wonderful and entertaining woman, Anna. Please bring us more of her memoirs.
Rorie Crawford had to leave early, but Anna read four of her poems. They were haunting and poignant, Rorie, and we loved them. Please bring us more and we will let you read first, so you can leave when you need to.
Vici Wray brought us a hilarous skit from her book, Adventures at Camp Grandma, called “Heraldo Revolver, Channel 5 News Interview.” Four volunteers helped Vici read this piece to the group and it sure was fun. Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!
Mary Eckert http://www.blessingsfortheday.wordpress.com/ read us chapter nine from her book, Wounded Sisters, (love that title!) where baby’s got her blue jeans on and they’re all headed to Alpine to par-tee. Mary and her friend, Dayna Haines, are headed to Alpine for real so Mary can do some up close research for the book. Sounds like a fun trip.
Linda Colie wants to resurrect her story about a Christian vampire in Edinburgh named Ian. She wasn’t able to locate the exact notebook that has that story in it, but she brought a few paragraphs she was working on. When the fist of Thor pounded on the door, it shook us all! Thank you, Linda.
Betty Murphy brought us page one of a memoir piece, “Oh, Minnie, How You Do Run On,” about her mother, the fourth of nine children. Minnie Merle like to tell people she got her degreee in the “cotton patch,” picking cotton for several summers in the fields. Yes, that’s the way to learn what life is really all about. Wise woman.
Sheila Kale http://www.sheilaspeakshope.com/ got an assignment from our local newspaper, the Fredericksburg Standard, to interview Mike Raymer, owner of Navajo Grill. She has done a great job with this. The interview will run in a supplement to the newspaper called “Rock and Vine.” I’ll let everybody know when it is in print. Also, Sheila got final acceptance that her story, “Canvas of Forgiveness,” will appear in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Forgiveness. Congratulations, Sheila!! Sheila has been coming to TWiG, too.
Valerie Gaumont http://valeriegaumont.weebly.com/ read us chapter four of her novel, Talent. Jill can shape things with her mind and her grandfather sees through the eyes of animals. They are on the run to Louisiana, trying to escape corporate bullies who want to exploit their talents. Come to TWiG and hear one chapter a week from Valerie’s fascinating book!
Sally Clark http://sallyclark.info/ brought four new board books she is working on, What’s Growing in the Garden?, Christmas Cat, Piggie Kisses, and Merry Christmas Penguins. Thank you all for your help. Say a prayer that the Ideals editor will like one of them!
Alice Kolb http://alicekolb2.wordpress.com/ emailed that she was on her way in from Oklahoma and she would see us, but she didn’t make it to the meeting.
Dena Dyer http://www.denadyer.com/ was in Fredericksburg on Sept. 12 for a book signing of her book, Wounded Women of the Bible, at the Greater Grace Coffee Shop. It was a wonderful, drizzly night and so good to have some face-to-face time with Dena.
Linda Christensen http://senioradventureswithlindakay.blogspot.com/  emailed: “I won't be able to attend the meeting on Monday, as Jerry and I are taking a dancing class for the next three weeks. Sorry to miss the meeting. We've been talking about this dance class forever, and finally have signed up!  ;-)” Linda has been coming to TWiG, along with Megan Willome and Pam Perrin.
Upcoming birthdays are Pam Perrin on Oct. 5 and Mary Eckert on Oct. 16.
Keep your fingers moving on the keyboard, Ladies, and your bound to end up with something good!
Love, Sally

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