We had a wonderful group of writers at the October meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words.

At the TWiG meeting of Oct. 4th, we were delighted to have Evelyn Wells and Marie Robertson as guests. Both of these ladies serve on the Pioneer Memorial Library Board and they enlightened us about the problems facing our library and the obstacles that need to be overcome. We would all love to see our library become a more active, vibrant part of our community. If any opportunities arise that we can assist with, I’ll let everybody know when and what we can do to help.

Sally Clark had three sheets of paper with information about local writer events. First was in Kerrville – a writing workshop being taught on Oct. 22 by Rhonda Wiley-Jones about Intentional Travel Writing. I don’t believe anybody was planning to participate in this event, but please let me know if you do. We’d like you to share your information with the rest of us.

Second was also a writers event in Kerrville, on December 9th and 10th, taught by author/agent Johnnie Bernhard. This promises to be a good event. Critiques are available with Johnnie for an additional $25, but you must submit to her by November 1st, so get busy! Several of us plan to go to this and we may be able to carpool.

Third was a list of upcoming events- mark your calendars for November 10 (Fredericksburg Writers Conference Quarterly Meeting at the University Center) and on February 22, the Johnson City Library will hold their annual writers conference. Sometime in March or April of 2017, FWC plans to bring Donna Johnson to Fbg. for a memoir writing workhop. We heard Donna speak in Burnet. She is the author of Holy Ghost Girl and I believe we can learn a lot from her.

Betty Murphey was with us. Betty and her husband are now living in an assisted living facility in Comfort and they love it. Betty says it is so nice not to have to cook anymore. I would love that! Betty is working on her autobiography for her children and grandchildren. I have read it and believe Betty has truly lived a life of service to others. And I can see she was a wonderful teacher from all the local, state, and national awards she has won. Thank you, Betty, for sharing your life with us.

Linda Christensen (https://senioradventureswithlindakay.blogspot.com) was approached by her editor to write a piece about her writer’s group (us!) for her editor’s blog. Linda did and she shared it with us. We’re gonna get some free publicity for our group! I’ll let everybody know when it posts and give you the link to read. Hopefully, our experiences will inspire other writers to form writers group of their own.

Andrea Culpepper has been long absent from our group and is back now. She brought us a memoir piece, both funny and sad, about her father’s funeral. We’re looking forward to hearing more of Andrea’s work.

Mara Fox Moretti visited our group. Mara is active with the Fredericksburg Writers Conference. She is in a critique group, but it’s all men, so she’s looking for a group with women. The piece she brought us to read was a fictionalized version of her own painful experience with divorce. Many of us sympathized with her.

Paula Bramlett brought us the rest of her fairy tale, “The Hollow Tree.” Paula read the first part to us last month and the next part this month. We love Paula’s writing (and her reading voice).

Sheila Kale and Judith Rost were with us, but they didn’t have anything to read this time.

We said a sad goodbye to Valerie Gaumont, who is moving to Tennessee. We will miss you, Valerie!! The good news is we can keep up with Val through email: valeriegaumont@gmail.com . I didn’t even get to hug her good-bye. I had to leave early. Valerie did have some news – she has entered a sci-fi TV script in a contest. She won’t hear results until March, but I’m crossing my fingers that she wins! Wouldn’t that be exciting for all of us?

I ran into Lynn Harris this week. She said her schedule got changed at work and that’s why she missed the meeting, but she hopes to go back to having Mondays and Tuesday off in the future.

Looks like it may finally be cooling off. I hope so! I’m so tired of wearing my summer clothes.


Love, Sally

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