The Hill Country Women of Words met on Monday, October 19, at the Highland Oaks Apartments for a fantastic meeting! We all agreed that the best thing we do is to inspire one another!  


We were so very, very happy to welcome back Karen Greathouse. Karen lives in Hye and was active with us for a short time, years ago. Karen has decided that now is the right time for her to be involved with us again and we are thrilled! Karen writes wonderful children’s stories and she also writes beautiful psalms (praises to God) which I have been privileged to read from time to time. For the meeting, Karen brought a Cowboy poem she wrote called “Two Sweaty Horses.” It was a fun poem to hear and we loved it! WELCOME BACK, KAREN!!!


And speaking of Hye, it was great to have Sheila Barnette here. Sheila lives in Johnson City and if I overheard her conversation with Karen correctly, they do not live too very far from each other – it sounded like they were making plans to ride together next month. Hooray! Sheila is working on her parents journals/diaries/letters from WWII, a book she calls Wanza’s Story: A Time of Waiting. She read us more of her mother’s poignant diary entries. This book is going to be wonderful, Sheila. We are so excited to hear it. Please bring more next time!


I will adding contact information for Karen and Sheila to the WOW web site member’s address list: in the next few days.


Linda Colie is working on another new story! This one is called “It’s In The Jeans.” Teenager Fanny Broadhenny is embarrassed by her mother who is shaped just like the museum’s tiny statue of an ancient fertility goddess. In the end, Fanny realizes that love is deeper than looks and learns to appreciate her mother for who she is. Linda also brought a great drawing of the little statue and some sketches for her children’s book, Tempest in a Teapot. Thank you, Linda. Your diversity of talents is amazing!


Sally Clark brought a poem, “I Love the Taste of Poetry,” something I whipped up late one night, in the middle of the night, actually. It was fun to write and to read. Then I did something different. A performance piece of a poem I wrote, “Because I Never Know,” set to some instrumental music I heard on Ann Voskamp’s blog, If you have a chance, check out Ann’s blog. Listen to the music, see her photos, and experience her life and her words. It has become my morning devotional. I also brought a copy of Texas Writers Rock Anthology, 2009, published by the Bay Area Writer’s League in Houston . It features two of my poems, “Dickey,” which won second place in BAWL’s annual poetry contest, and “Fall.” It’s always nice to have another book to add to my resume!


Alice Kolb was at the meeting but couldn’t stay as long as she wanted to. Her husband is still recovering from foot surgery and she needed to get home to him. Alice didn’t have anything to read but reports that she is waiting to hear back on several queries she has out. Alice has written articles about how to run a retreat and about how to teach a seminar. Both sound great! We want to know what you hear, Alice. Keep us posted!


Liz Eberle was with us, but didn’t bring anything to read. Sheila Kale was with us, too, but didn’t bring anything either. We love having their ears and their encouragement. I hope nobody ever feels like they shouldn’t come just because they haven’t written anything. Each of us is a vital member of this group and adds valuable experience and advice to each critique. Thank you, Liz and Sheila!!!


Cindy Harper came but left when she suddenly became ill. I had a note from her today saying: Sorry I left in the middle of things Mon evening.  I felt fine when I arrived, and by the time I got home I was in the throes of stomach bug; it hit that fast.  I was off work Tues but back today.  Hope I didn't infect any of the rest of you!  We'll try again next month. Cindy did say that she had mailed her complete manuscript of Mark’s Mission to agent Terry Burns that very day and now she waits, and waits, and waits, and waits…..We are praying for her success!!!


I have news from other members, too:


Andrea Culpepper: Not only is it (WOW meeting night) Scout night, as usual, it's also the Court of Honor where they get awards/new ranks. Need to be there. I see things are going well for the group under your watch, as it were. Good job, commander!


Dena Dyer: The Dyer boys have scouts and soccer on Monday nights, so Dena is tied up until the end of soccer season, but she is coming to TWiG on Tuesdays. She is working on a new novel, Saving Grace, and bringing chapters to TWiG. She also had the opportunity to go to Austin today (Wednesday) to an author’s book signing/meeting for Hope Edelman (The Possibility of Everything). Dena was excited to be rubbing elbows, as it were, with a whole new group of writers. She better take notes and bring it all home to us!!!


Karen Eby: I am in the process of gathering up Nuggets (photos, scriptures and my writings) for "Come - Celebrate Jesus in All Seasons of 2010." It will be my second annual self-produced Calendar Notebook. There was huge success with last year's and several had requested another so in the Lord's timing (yesterday) it began taking shape and more so today. My plan is to take to the printer on Monday afternoon and have ready to sell or give away in November.


Butch and I have been called as Area Directors for 7 Gideon Camps. We are excited about the way God has extended our boundaries yet are weak and must lean upon His directing our every step. I am resigning my position as Regional Representative for Stonecroft but will stay on the speaker list at least for awhile longer.


Give a hello and hug to all in WOW and know my prayers are with each to write as the Lord directs and have great joy in the process.


Kelly Polden: Once again I cannot make it tonight. That is the bad news. The good news is that my global intelligence role with Stratfor ( – check it out!) is expanding, I just returned from a fantastic meeting with a new client located between Blanco, Dripping and Wimberley, AND I am negotiating a book deal with Arcadia Publishing and LBJ National Park !! How cool is that? Also, "Christmas Miracles" w/Cec Murphy was released last week. Say hi to everyone from me! I asked her for details about the Arcadia Publishing project and she wrote back: The book is a history/storytelling of the park through pictures and caption stories. Arcadia approached the park & the park came to me. I really hope Kelly can make it back to meetings soon! I am dying to hear all the details! Congratulations, Kelly!


Liz Brookshire: I hate to miss, but we will be in New England. I know I will find some inspiration there & I’ll think of you on Mon. Sure hope they didn’t run into any snow???


Mary Eckert: Miss you guys, but I will not be there.  Due to the 16 week Bible Study that Dewey and I signed up for (Every Monday Night) that about knocks me out of WOW for a while.  I do however, plan to attend the December meeting... Love and best to every one...the book is going fine.  Looks like maybe a December date for it to come out! Hoping! Haven't heard anything back from Patty King.  


From Mary Hartman, our New York State member: I think of you kids often and wish I could attend just one more meeting regardless of where it is held. Writers need writers for inspiration and an occasional ego boost when the writing bulb fades.   How lucky the WOW group is to have each other. Hugs, Mary 


Megan Willome would have been there, but J.J. had a volleyball game. I hope she won!


Rebecca McCright: I was looking forward to coming tonight, but as many of you who have been or are mothers of middle schoolers know, I didn't get vital information until the last minute. There is a choir concert this evening, and I can't be 2 places at once. But it's hard to be too upset w/ him. He went to all-region choir tryouts on Saturday and placed 4th out of 44 7th and 8th grade students!! He was the highest ranking singer from his school. Isn't that fantastic?! Anyway, I'll be listening to him sing instead of listening to you ladies read. I wish I could be 2 places at once. Enjoy your evening.  Congratulations to your son, Rebecca! I know you are so very proud!


I picked up this bit of news about Nancy Robinson Masters from the Abilene Writers Guild October newsletter. Nancy spoke at our April, 2009, meeting: Nancy’s huge brag is that the editor of the magazine Salvation Army selected Devoted to Writing to give a copy to Salvation Army officers worldwide. Some of you may have purchased Nancy ’s book when she was here. This is quite an honor for her!!


We also have a new joiner to our Tuesday group: Mary Mustard. Mary hopes to attend our Tuesday meetings, since we are now meeting in the library of the Evangelical Free Church and Mary is the church secretary there, at least on Tuesdays. Mary told me she writes children’s poetry and Liz says she writes other things as well and is very talented. Welcome, Mary!!! We are happy to have you!!!


We have three November birthdays – Sally Clark, Nov. 5

                                                   Karen Greathouse, Nov. 5

                                                   Rebecca McCright, Nov. 26


Anybody who is interested is invited to the Johnson City Writers group on the first Tuesday of every month, at 9:30 a.m., in their library. This month’s writing topic is “Adventures of New Mothers/Fathers” but you don’t have to write on the topic; it’s just a starter. You are welcome to bring anything else that you are working on, too.


Our next meeting will be on Monday,

November 16,

in the meeting room of the

Highland Oaks Apartments

at 5:30.

We hope everybody can make it!!


Until then, be inspired and ALWAYS write about it!!!!!!



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