I do apologize for the past two months. I have been too sick to concentrate and write the newsletters for September and October. I’m so sorry! But I am feeling well enough to write the November newsletter and here it is:

Judith Rost is headed for Ft. Sill in Oklahoma this week for her granddaughter’s boot camp graduation. Judith is currently enrolled in a six-month online writing course taught by Randall Andrews. The course includes a free edit of a book, so Judith is sure to get her money’s worth. She brought us Exercise 28 from the course. She wrote a chapter from her third book in the series she is currently working on and it was very suspenseful. We are all eager to read the rest of the story.

Linda Christensen http://senioradventureswithlindakay.blogspot.com brought an essay, a true story from her life she titled “Recovery,” about her daughters alcoholism and recovery. We were honored to hear Linda’s story. She wrote it very, very well. She plans to submit this story soon.
Lynn Harris’ story picked up in CaracasVenezuela, where her two characters have barely survived their ordeal in the desert and are in the hospital. When their wives come to collect them, Ben and his wife Ginger fall in love with two handicapped orphans, Benji and Ester, and decide to adopt them. Such a moving story, Lynn. We all loved it.  
Paula Bramlett brought us the first chapter of her book on Sacajawea. As always, Paula has done a great job in capturing Sacajawea’s voice. She does a wonderful job of describing her early life with the Shoshone tribe. We were enthralled. Please bring us more, Paula.
Sally Clark (http://sallyclark.info) brought a true story from her early life about how she met her husband, Mike, and how they fell in love and got married. A longer version of this story was published in 2009 in Cup of Comfort for Weddings. I plan to submit it to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Love Stories and tell them about the prior publication. Cup of Comfort is now out of business and I hold all the rights to the story, so we’ll see if they like it or not and if they want to publish it. Shelley Burkhalter came up with the perfect title: “Jail Bait.” I love it!!
Shelley Burkhalter brought us two wonderful poems she wrote, one called “Post Script” and another we titled for her, “Leopard Shoes.” Both poems were wonderful. Shelley is working her way through a book of poetry exercises and that was the inspiration for both poems. Bring us more, Shelley!
Sheila Kale (http://www.CloserWalkCoaching.comwas in SA with her husband who had another eye surgery today. Our prayers are with them both.
Mary Eckert (www.blessingsfortheday.wordpress.com) emailed: “Sure miss all of you and hearing what everyone has written. I’m recovering well from the osteoarthritis-induced hip surgery I had on July 24th, but I’m working on my story. Hope to see you all after the Holidays. Blessings to all, Mary
Don’t forget we also meet in the same location, at the same time, every Tuesday for Tuesday Writers inspiration Group and read whatever we are working on.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Love, Sally

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