We had a small group for the November meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words, small in number, but not small in fellowship. We had a great time!

Judy Lightfoot was with us, but she didn’t bring anything to read. We’re so happy Judy has joined our group. She brought a friend, Grazyna (Grace) Larson, to our TWiG group this week and she wants to join with us, too. Graznya is an artist and a poet and she owned an art gallery on Main St. for 16 years. We’re going to enjoy her!

Linda Christensen brought two things to share. One was a 40 word story containing the word “propinquity” (that means nearness, closeness, or proximity). Linda is going to enter this in the On The Premises Mini-Contest #32 that ends December 2. Her second piece was a personal essay she wrote to submit to Purpose Magazine on the theme of Staying Connected. Linda titled her piece “The Line is Never Busy” and she made one point that I thought was really great – “If technology can be in the “cloud,” then certainly we can have a concept of our God in a universe we cannot see.” I think that’s a great analogy to use with teenagers.

Lynn Harris brought more of her ongoing novel. Clients snap, console, admonish, and call repeatedly at the architectural firm where Deanna has gone to work. Her supervisor advises her she better take notes about the various clients and how to handle them, for example, Mrs. Buffington’s grandkids names are Bitsy, Buddy, Bo, Buddy and Stormy. They sure sound like a handful, don’t they?

Sally Clark brought three haiku and four short poems and asked everyone to vote on their favorite three. I wanted to submit them to the VIA Bus Poetry on the Move Contest in San Antonio, but they only allow three poems per submission. One of my poems was published last year on the buses in SA, so I thought I would try again this year. Thanks, everyone, for your help.

Judith Rost can’t be with us in the month of November, but she emailed me a story to read at TWiG called “Saved From a Sniper” she intends to submit to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Military Families. It’s very good and I hope they buy it.

Paula Bramlett is still unpacking and getting ready for Thanksgiving, but she misses us!

Sheila Kale is babysitting her five grandchildren in Dallas this week, ages 12-5, I think. Pray for her!

Some good news – my grandson, Zach Clark, is doing some blog/web work for the new bakery in town, Twisted Sisters, and they say they would be delighted to host any book signings/readings that we would like to have. They have a nice space there for dining and I think it might work well for us. They say they would even like to host a book/writing event every month, if we want to put it together. What do you think? Sounds great, doesn’t it!

I’ve had some communication with Evie Wells about the Library Board and I will be sharing that in a separate email because it’s important and I don’t want it to get lost in all our group news.

If you can’t come to WOW, come to TWiG, any Tuesday at 1:00!

Love, Sally

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