At the November meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words, there was lively conversation and inspiring words! Several of our members missed the meeting because they got the date wrong. It’s going to take some time for us all to remember, but meetings are now on the second Monday of every month, so mark your calendars accordingly. We had to make that change to accommodate the University Center’s schedule and we miss you when you are not here!
Discussion began with Betty Murphy and Sally Clark talking about the Writers League of Texas Writers Workshop they attended the day before in Llano. Sheila Kale, Karen Vanek, and my granddaughter, Sophia Maiorka, attended the workshop, also. The two speakers we heard, Owen Egerton and Amanda Eyre Ward, were both great and we learned a lot from them. There will be another Texas Writers Workshop on Dec. 6th in Comfort and the speakers will be Carol Dawson and Meg Gardiner. I plan to attend, if anybody wants to ride along. I’ll put more information out in an email next week.
Barbara Loyd gave us our writing prompt: “The psychological distance between husband and wife appears to be...” That was certainly a lot of food for thought! We wrote fiction and nonfiction, poetry, a prairie journey analogy, Mars vs. Venus, prescriptions for success, and asking for directions. I am so sorry to say that I have not yet set up a blog to post our writing prompts, but hopefully, before the next meeting, I will get it done. Pray for me!
Vici Wray brought us an adorable turkey centerpiece for the table. She made it from one of the craft projects in her Camp Grandma book. She calls the activity “Thanksgiving Turkey Spoon,” and we had much fun with it! Vici had a long wooden spoon for each of us, along with rolling eyes and corn kernel noses and we read through her step-by-step instructions to see if we could follow them. They were great! Very clear and easy to do. A very special Thanksgiving treat! Thank you, Vici.
Mary Eckert made a trip to Alpine recently to research her book, Wounded Sisters. She brought us chapter 10 to read. In this chapter, the girls take a road trip to Alpine (a big city compared to where they live) and end up at Lupita’s for a beauty make-over. Fun! Mary also read us some of the essays her 5th and 6th graders wrote on the topic of “What Freedom Means to Me.” Mary’s class was to read their essays on the Mason County courthouse lawn the next day, Veteran’s Day. Mary loves teaching creative writing! And on the 13th, Mary had a book signing for her book, Where Was God When I Cried? in Mason at the public library. I hope it went well. I’m sorry I could not attend.
Barbara Loyd sold a painting at last weekend’s Art Walk! It was the first painting sold of the show and Barbara was very honored. Congratulations, Barbara!!! Barbara is still writing her blog and it’s wonderful, but she has a new idea for a book that explores the lives of the wives of famous artists and how they suffered for their husband’s art. She brought us notes this time about Paul Cezanne’s wife, Marie Hortense Fiquet, who was only 19 when she married Cezanne and he was 30. Despite the 27 portraits he painted of her, at the end of his life, Cezanne claimed not to have any affection for Marie at all. So interesting. I hope Barbara continues with this project.
Linda Christensen brought us chapter 2 of the second novel in her series. The first book in the series, Annie’s Love, is available on Amazon. This new book takes place in the 60s, I believe, and the main characters are college roommates, Carol and Lisa. Linda also brings chapters to TWiG on Tuesdays, if you would like to hear more of her story, please come.
Betty Murphy brought us more of her story, “Oh Minnie, How You Do Run On,” about her mother. Betty read to us how her parents became the young parents to Betty Jo and Jack. Her father fought in Dutch New Guinea and then in Japan. Such a timely story for the day before Veteran’s Day.
Anna Mendeke brought us a story she called “50% Off,” a sweet story about finding a treasure and being a treasure to somebody else in a thrift store. It had a real twist at the end we all enjoyed! Very clever, Anna. Bring us more stories!
Sally Clark brought more of her Kidz Flip Calendar poems, January 19-31 and all of February. Thank you all so much for your help critiquing these poems. I sure hope I can sell this project.
New from WOWs who couldn’t make it to the meeting –
Alice Kolb was invited to speak at a food club in Boerne. The hostess had prepared dishes from Alice’s cookbook and Alice had an opportunity to sell her book, Hard Times, Good Times, and Great Home Cooking. Alice had planned to take along a dessert to the group, so she stopped by Der Kuchen Laden to buy a new platter. While she was there, Alice got into a conversation with the manager of the store and they agreed to carry her book! How exciting. I’ll put out an email when they are actually there, if anybody wants a copy for Christmas presents.
Karen Vanek  was not able to come to the meeting. She emailed: “So sorry to have to miss. Our Oklahoma grandchildren invited my husband up for a Veteran's Day breakfast at their school on Tuesday, Nov. 11, so we have to leave on the 10th. I will miss hearing what everyone wrote.”
Liz Eberle is posting on her blog, Be sure to read her touching tribute to a friend, Betty Chaney, who recently passed away. It is always good to read Liz’s words.
Sheila Kale wasn’t able to attend because she and Steven have volunteered to be docents in a house at the Christmas Tour of Home on December 6th and the night of our meeting was their night to get instructions and preview the house. Sheila has been asked to speak at the January meeting of the Fredericksburg Writers Conference. That will be good!
We’ve been having great attendance at our TWiG meetings – Lynn Harris, Sally Clark, Sheila Kale, Barbara Loyd, Megan Willome, and Valerie Gaumont. We always have room for more!
Upcoming birthdays are Vici Wray on November 21, Sheila Barnette on November 26, and Lynn Harris on December 3rd.
Don’t forget that you can always keep up with submission deadlines on my site:
Gobble, gobble!
Love, Sally

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