The November meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words was a fun affair with lots of great readings.
Somehow, we got off track this time and did not do our writing exercise. This was disappointing to us all. We won’t miss out on it again!!
Barbara Loyd read us two of her poems, a shape poem called “Thin,” and a poem she called “South.” We enjoyed them both. Then she gave us some good news – while reading through her mother’s Bible, Barbara came across a quote that she submitted to June Cotner and it was accepted for June’s new gift book, TOASTS: The Perfect Words to Celebrate Every Occasion, published by Viva Edition, and coming out in the Fall of 2014. This is particularly poignant since Barbara’s mother just died a few weeks ago. We are so happy for you, Barbara!
Lynn Harris surprised us with a poem called, “The Library,” that was more than 160 verses long! The poem was written in couplets and it was about the kinds of books you can find in any library. We enjoyed them so much (many of the couplets were humorous), we felt the verses could be organized into several different picture books or submitted to a library journal for publication. Thank you, Lynn, for brining them to us!
Sheila Kale has been busy with her Toastmaster duties and with speaking engagements. Of course, she has to write her speeches, but they are too long to bring to WOW. Sheila has also been working on a new web site: to highlight her skills as a life coach. Take a few minutes to browse through her lovely pages and learn more about who Sheila is and what she does.
Bobbi Grimmer had three short pieces to share with us. All three were what I would call poetic memoir. One was “To the Two Faceless Boys Cruising Main,” another was “Morning Thought” and the third one was “Meditations on the Songs of Solomon” which brought tears to our eyes. Thank you, Bobbi, for sharing so much of yourself with us.
Sally Clark brought the final chapter in her novella, The Art of Christmas, Chapter 11, called “Fan Mail.” I have had so much fun and learned so much from writing and editing this book, I sincerely hope an editor or an agent will have as much fun reading it. I am in the process of writing query letters and synopsis’ of all sizes for the book. My goal is to be ready to make submissions by the first of the year. Thank you to everybody for all your support, encouragement and advice. I also brought my copy of Manifest West: Even Cowboys Carry Cell Phones which was published by Western Press Books and features three of my haiku.
Linda Colie was with us but didn’t bring anything to read and since we skipped the writing exercise L she didn’t get to read anything.
Valerie Gaumont brought us a print copy of her newest book, “Keeper of the Crossroads.” She said it is exciting to have an actual physical book in her hands because most of her sales are of e-books. Valerie also brought us Chapter One of a new book she is working on called City of Wonder. Valerie plans for this book to have shorter chapters, maybe only 2000 words. We loved the start of it!
Barbara Loyd also gave us a demonstration on how to make gift boxes out of greeting cards. We had so much fun with them! I can’t wait to show my granddaughters. I wanted to give everybody detailed instructions in this newsletter on how to make the boxes, but it really is something you have to see. It’s very difficult to communicate in writing. So when I got home, I looked up on the web and found this link: . When you click on the link, then just click on the first video featured from the left. They really are a fun and unique project.
Here is some news from the WOWs who couldn’t make the meeting:
Karen Vaneck emailed: “How I wish I could be there. I'm out if town taking care if grand babies. Y'all have fun.”
Liz Brookshire says: “Won’t be there tonight. Too much going on. PS Having cataract surgery on Wed. Am I really that old?”
Liz Eberle has some new posts on her blog:
Megan Willome emailed: “Can't come. Editing. Rewriting Wacoan of the Year again. Leaving town on Thursday.” 
Pam Perrin says: “Of course a meeting for school is happening tonight. I was just told by Enzo. Yay. So maybe next month????”
Vici Wray writes: “Can't make it tonight - working frantically to get my house in order for the 1st onslaught of Thanksgiving house guests. And when they arrive this week, I suppose they will want to eat. Cleaning & cooking - the 2 reasons that I went to work 23 years ago! Hey, I want to learn how to make those boxes, so please save the directions for me!”
We’ll have two birthdays before our next meeting: Vici Wray on November 21 and
                                                                         Sheila Barnette on November 26.
Our December meeting will have a change of venue:
Sheila’s house is easy to find – she is very close to Hill Country Memorial Hospital.
Directions to Sheila’s house are: head west on Hwy. 290 (Main Street). Turn left (or south) onto Hwy. 16S (S. Adams St.) Turn right onto W. Live Oak St. (Walgreens is on the corner) and then take the second street to your left, which is Alfred. Sheila’s house is the next-to-the-last house on the right. I will send out the directions again with the reminder emails.
I am so thankful for all of you!!! Enjoy your turkeys!  
Love, Sally

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