Happy Thanksgiving!!

The Hill Country Women of Words met at the EMS Building for our November meeting. We are so thankful to be able to use this facility for free every month!

Liz Eberle gave our writing exercise this month. She asked each of us to write or update our bios for the WOW web site. In case you have forgotten or haven’t checked it in awhile, our web site is www.hcwomenofwords.org. Click on “Members Bios” to read a short, one-sentence description of what you write. Then you can click on any member and go to their individual page. If you don’t have a bio on our web site, read some of the others and get an idea of what you might write. If you do have a bio on our web site, check it to see if or how it should be updated. You can add a photo of yourself or not, it’s up to you. Just email me your bio and photo (if you like) and I will put it on the site. Liz had wonderful handouts for us to inspire and instruct us and I have attached them to this newsletter. Check them out! And be sure to check out the “Members Only” page to see if your address is correct. Our login is “hcwows” and our password is “fbg78624.” Let me know if I need to make any changes or corrections.
Liz is writing on her novel again, Freedom Searchers, and she brought us a chapter called “Lady of the House” in which Missus Stone shows a bit of backbone when her intimidating husband is out of the way. Slaves Joe, Moses, and Louise quietly conspire to help Joe and his wife Molly escape. Three days later, they are in the dark and the rain praying not be found. I am so happy that Liz has picked this book up again and I hope she keeps writing and writing in all three of the spare minutes that she has each day. Thank you, Liz! Without you, Women of Words would not exist!
Linda Colie didn’t bring any writing to share, but she did write her bio while we read our stories. I have put it up on the web site and you can read it at: http://hcwomenofwords.org/linda-colie.php Linda, we are so thankful you are in our group! We love you!
Sheila Kale is hard at work on her organic gardening web site. Sheila’s son, Shawn Sattler, was married last month in Washington state to a lovely woman named Shelly. While Sheila was in Washington for two weeks she had the opportunity to visit Terry’s Berries, an organic farm in Tacoma, Washington. She has written a wonderful piece about her delicious experiences there and you can read it and enjoy her photos at: http://www.organic-gardening-seed-to-harvest.com/berries.html  I am thankful for Sheila’s writing and for God’s provisions of good, healthy food.
Kim Easley brought us Chapter Four “Waiting for Information” from her book, Harrison Hawkins and the Hilltop Hounds. Harrison and his aunt and uncle must wait for the doctor’s report on the injured stray dog they found on their farm. Although he has a deep wound, thankfully his leg is not broken. While the adults discuss the location of Buck Ditch Road, Harrison is the only one who notices the dog’s awareness every time the word “Buck” is said and finally, they all understand that this is his name. Buck has certainly found a friend in Harrison. Thank you, Kim, for sharing your work with us.
Sally Clark read some poems she wrote this month, “Upstairs,” “She Leaves Us, a Little at a Time,” and “Time Change,” as well as two haiku. I also had good news – the publisher, Dancing With Bear would like to publish my short story, “The Second Christmas” and four of my Christmas poems, “The Manger,” “My Santa Claus,” “Christmas All Year Long,” and “Holy-Day Traditions” in a separate book instead of in their Christmas anthology. They have selected a cover and hope to have the book out by December 10th, if all the edits are done. That’s really fast! I will keep everyone posted as to the progress of this project.
Liz Brookshire has been giving a series of talks about old Fredericksburg at Heritage Place Assisted Living Center where her mother-in-law and my mother live and at Knopp Retirement Home. Liz read us her latest talk, “Notable Women of Fredericksburg” and I have attached it to this newsletter so you can read it yourself. Women were hard to find on the Texas frontier and educated women were even harder. The life of women in old Fredericksburg was difficult, to say the least; oftentimes heartbreaking and always backbreaking. Did you know that Greenwood cemetery was originally a paupers cemetery but when their father was buried there, sisters Agnes and Edith Sagebiel determined to build it into the lovely green resting place that it is today? I know that the residents of Heritage Place and Knopp Retirement are very thankful to have Lizzie speak to them and I am really enjoying being able to hear them, too. Thank you, Lizzie, for your love of Fredericksburg and your open heart to others.
Vickie Wray brought us another play, Tommy Gunn – Private Detective, and we had a ball reading the parts where “the ringing of that phone brings you mystery, adventure, and high drama.” Tommy Gunn has been called to investigate the arrival of a painting at the Pennywait Art Gallery that he recognizes has been stolen from the Italian Museum in Rome. Leave it to this sharp cookie detective to figure out that the art gallery manager is actually Flora Jean Boliver from the famous Boliver Family of Art thieves! This radio drama came complete with a commercial for Fitch’s Saponified Coconut Oil Shampoo to wash away your blues! What fun! Thank you so much, Vickie, for making us laugh!! You have a great imagination.
Lorraine McVey emailed this: "I am soooo happy here (in Kansas ).  Haven't had much time to write but this Saturday is the writer's meeting for the month and I'm going with the ladies I met last month.  I am really looking forward to seeing them again and getting to know the group…I plan to start writing again really soon. Right now my sister, Jacque and I are really involved in our church and we are trying to buy a house.  Pray for us!!!!  Love you much and thanks for everything."
Mary Eckert is moving her household from one side of the street to the other but it’s still a huge job. Mary has a new email address: dmeckert@live.com Please make a note of the change.
Megan Willome’s son, Scott, was home sick with sinusitis and bronchitis. Poor kid! Hope he is well soon. Be sure to check the front page of this week’s Fredericksburg Standard for a photo of Megan’s daughter, J.J. Willome.
Sheila Barnette had a previous engagement and since Betty Mucha rides with her, they didn’t get to come this month.
We have two birthday between now and next meeting: Sheila Barnette on November 26 and Kathleen Maxwell on December 17.
Make plans to come. We always have a wonderful time at Liz’s house and you won’t want to miss it!
Remember you can always keep up with writing submission deadlines at: http://christwriters.info/deadlines.php
I have so much to be thankful for in my life. The friendship and inspiration of this group and all you beautiful women is one that I am most grateful for! Thank you, all of you, for being writers and for being here!!
Love, Sally

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