The November meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words was small and warm but filled with exciting words and stories! 


Alice Kolb wants to be a storyteller. Alice has been published numerous times in the how-to genre for her quilting and technical articles but she would like to write a series of feature pieces about the women behind the quilts, their motivations, their stories, what fuels their passion for quilting. To that end, Alice submitted a query letter to Barbara Polston, editor of America Quilter. Barbara emailed Alice that she liked the idea and gave it her approval, but hers was not the final say and ultimately, Alice ’s idea was rejected. Now has a great query letter ready to go out to other editors and we helped her tweek it just a bit. It is so fun to be on this journey with Alice – we all learn so much from each other.


Linda Colie was back to her old haunts again with her vampire story, “Confessions of a Vampire.” Ian is a Christian vampire who must kill to stay alive. Linda read us the chapter where he hoped to reunite with his wife and children who have assumed he was dead. We are all very intrigued to hear how the wife reacts to him and to learn how Ian’s faith manifests in his life. Linda also brought us a touching poem called “Run,” a poem full of her dreams of running into the arms of Christ, laughing and celebrating all the way. What a beautiful picture, Linda. Thank you so much!


Cindy Harper brought us two wonderful poems, “The Design” and “The Bride.” “The Design” was published in a chapbook called Amazing Grace, a book of poetry about the Sago Mine disaster which was distributed to survivors and their families. Cindy read “The Bride” at the South TX Christian Women’s retreat on Nov. 7th. This beautiful poem touched our hearts with the image of a bride holding the gaze of her groom at the altar. Never faltering, ignoring everything else, she journeys down the aisle and through her life, moving towards God “as a bride locks in on her groom.” How poignant, Cindy, and how very lovely. Thank you! I will also share this news – Cindy heard back from agent Terry Burns that her book, Mark’s Mission , was not accepted for representation. But Cindy has done all the hard work now and has her proposal ready to go out again to another agent or publisher. Please don’t give up on this project, Cindy! This is a wonderful book and I’m convinced it will find a home somewhere.


Sheila Kale was with us. Sheila didn’t bring anything to read but I hope you have all read your emails and know that Sheila’s story, “Who Are You?” has been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: True Love! This is Sheila’s first publication in an anthology and we are thrilled for her! The book is scheduled to be released on December 29th, just in time for Valentines Day. And if you feel so called, please join Sheila and others for prayer every Thursday night at 6:00 p.m. at the little chapel at St. Barnabas to pray for our country and our city.


Sally Clark gave a short presentation of an article I brought on “self-syndication” by a writer named Jill Pertler. Jill started out writing a slice of life column for her local newspaper and eventually sold it statewide across Minnesota . Jill sells her column for $20 a week. If she has 200 newspapers, that’s $4,000. This is a lucrative business arrangement that any of us could do! If you would like to have a copy of Jill’s article, just let me know and I’ll email it to you. I also brought some poems to read, “Forwarding Address,” “Waiting For the Light to Change,” various haiku I’ve been working on, “Time,” “Season’s Surrender,” and “Watch Where You Step,” which my online writing instructor, Melanie Faith, said was “the best poem I’ve ever read about poop!” High compliments!!!


And if you haven’t done so already, please consider entering the Abilene Writers Guild contest which ends November 30. You will get a great critique for your $5 and a chance to win some money. See their contest guidelines at


Dorothy Leyendecker writes: Not much new in the writing news from me. Angels On Earth magazine sent a contract and an edited version of the story I sent them. They took a two-page typed story and whittled it down to two paragraphs and not done very well. After thinking about it I decided to go ahead and with some minor changes as I wanted and let them use it in the letters.  (no one is exactly standing in line for my work and I thought at least they are paying me $25.00  and I'm not getting any younger)  I really should concentrate more on submitting.  I hope all the Wow's are doing well I think of you all often. Dorothy also sent me a copy of the Creative Writer’s Notebook, a writer’s newsletter put out by her writing group in The Villages, FL, filled with submission information and writing tips. If anybody would like a free copy, check them out at Thanks, Dorothy!


Mary Eckert hopes to make it to the Christmas meeting. Megan Willome and Dena Dyer have commitments to their kid’s activities through November but hope to make it to the December meeting also. Sheila Barnette hated to miss our meeting but will be back in December. She says she enjoys us immensely!! The feeling is mutual, Sheila!! Rebecca McCright really misses us and wishes she could make it to a meeting. She writes: I really didn't think it would be this much trouble to make it back to Fbg for WOW after I moved (to Kerrville). Cross your fingers--I might make it (for the Dec. meeting). If not, you know I'll wish I was there! Would you like to know why Rebecca became a teacher? I have attached her latest teachers newsletter so you can find out! 


Liz Eberle and Sheila Kale are both on Facebook. Anybody else? And Megan Willome is on now serving twitter with tea at Check her out! Megan is delightfully refreshing!


Karen Greathouse, Megan Willome, Dena Dyer, Mary Mustard, and Andrea Culpepper have been coming to the Tuesday Writers inspiration Group that meets in the library of the Evangelical Free Church at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesdays. Come join us whenever you can!


I’m keeping up with Nancy Masters through the Abilene Writers Guild newsletter. Here is her latest news: Nancy Masters received a letter from Waco Scottish Rite Bodies indicating she’s been selected to receive the Stephen F. Austin Distinguished Service Award, for her “demonstration of a lifetime of devotion to God, your country and your fellowman.” She will be formally recognized December 7 at a Stated Meeting in Waco . Nancy also had an article published in Writing for Dollars entitled “Selling Your Scars: A Three-Step Method for Profiting from Your Pain” which yielded three international contacts, two from Europe and one from Africa .


Don’t forget – for a chronological listing of all submission deadlines, just check


We have two December birthdays:

Andrea Culpepper - December 12

Linda Colie - December 28.


Our next meeting will be:

Monday, December 14th,

at 5:30 p.m.

at Liz Eberle’s house,

1802 Goehmann Lane.

We hope everybody can join us!!!!


Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving, with much gratitude! I am so thankful that God gave us words and that He brought us all together!!!!!


 Love, Sally


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