Hill Country Women of Words newsletter, November, 2008


Wow was the best word for our November meeting! Although the group was small, the news was big. We now have a web site! And a submissions blog! Take a look at:

WOW web site: www.hcwomenofwords.org

Submissions blog: www.christianwriterssubinfo.synthasite.com

On the WOW web site:

            The home page may still undergo some changes. We’ll change the “featured news” on this page often to reflect whatever is most recent. Do you like the photo in the top left hand corner? We’ve adopted this as our logo. I made all the photographs on the site, so we can use them anyway we want to – business cards, letterheads, etc.

            Be sure to check out the “Member’s Bios” page. Mine is the only one so far, but everybody is invited to write their own. Email it to me and email me a picture of you, if you can. If not, just show up at the next meeting and I’ll take your picture for the site. I’ll also take other pictures for your page, just let me know what’s special to you…I can use “props” from Sheila’s store, if you like.

            Some of the pages don’t have anything on them yet, but they will. I’ll work on it all the time because I enjoy it. The web site is free but the URL address cost us $15.16, so we will take up a collection at the Dec. meeting to defray the cost.

On the WOW blog site:

            This is a completely free site, even the address. Look it over. This will be an easier way to keep our submission information organized, although I still plan to send out daily emails. On the right hand side, under “Categories” you’ll be able to research much faster. And someday, I plan to have a calendar on the site where you can click on a date and see what is due from what has been published on the site. I just have to figure out how to do it…..

After you look at the sites, please think about what you would like to add, take off, see done differently. I am open to suggestions! We also have the option of adding a blog directly to our web site that we could use for conversation just between members. It could be password protected.  And please let me know if you have any trouble with either of the sites or see any typos.

Liz Eberle warmed us with her heart and her homemade soup. As you may have seen on the web site, Liz has a book signing December 6, at Berkman’s Books, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.,  for her story in A Cup of Comfort for Military Families. Two other contributing authors will be joining her, one from Schertz and one of San Antonio. Liz has put the whole thing together, so it will be fun and wonderful. Mark your calendars to come by! Liz also has a new web site and a new blog:

Liz’s web site: www.lizhoyt-eberle.com and

Liz’s blog site at: www.lizhoyt-eberle.typepad.com

She would love for you to come by for a visit!

Linda Colie came to the meeting. She didn’t have anything to read, but she was delighted to be in our company! We love you, Linda!

Cindy Harper brought us two of her wonderful poems. Cindy hears “Life Preserver,” as a song with a chorus of God singing, “it forces you to cling to Me.” Her next poem, “Clingers,” starts out “God bless all the clingers/ out there/ like me/ help us to know/ we’re really lucky/ to have a Savior/ who loves us so.” We are all in that boat right now, Cindy. Thank you for encouraging us to stay afloat. Cindy also gave us a report on an evening she got to spend with the 2008 Texas Poet Laureate, Larry Thomas (www.larrythomas.com) in Kerrville! Check out his web site and read some of his poetry.

Rebecca McCright came and brought us the latest issue of her teacher’s newsletter, “Fruitful Teaching: Cultivating the Fruits of the Spirit in our Classrooms” This is a wonderful ministry to the teachers on Rebecca’s mailing list. If you know of any teachers who would like to receive this, email her at rebecca.mccright@yahoo.com. Her piece this month is about classroom visitations, a nerve wracking time for the best of teachers! We hope that Rebecca will compile her newsletters someday into a devotional book for teachers.

Sheila Kale spent the week previous to our meeting in Louisiana, speaking at five different Stonecroft Ministries luncheons in five different cities in five days. Sheila says these faithful groups of women believers are still struggling to deal with the emotional and physical effects of Hurricane Katrina. In that devastation, they are clinging to the Lord and to each other. Shelia gave the same talk to each group because that was what was approved by Stonecroft Ministries, but her goal is to compile a group of talks on the same subject that she could offer as a weekend retreat. We know you can do this, Sheila, when the time is right!

Sally Clark has been a busy little beaver, working up the group’s web site and a web site and a blog site of her own!

Sally’s web site: www.sallyclark.info

Sally blog site: www.pocketpoems.synthasite.com

I would love for you to come by, take a look, and leave a comment, if you like. And please tell me if you see any mistakes!!! I also read three poems, "Halloween, 2008," "Shooting Craps," and "Good Company." Thanks to everybody for listening!

Megan Willome didn’t have a sitter for her kids so she couldn’t come, but Megan has a blog! Megan’s blog: http://highcallingblogs.com/meganwillome The name of Megan’s blog is “Sabbath Says” and you will be blessed by it!

Dena Dyer has a new web site, too: Dena’s web site: www.denadyer.com and her blog is: www.denadyer.typepad.com Dena has had her blog for some time, but the web site is new and it’s so pretty! You’ll be impressed! Dena couldn’t come because she was worn out from rehearsals for Rockbox’s Christmas show and she was pooped! Katy Jones and Liz Brookshire sent their regrets that they could not attend. Kelly Polden sent her regrets, too. Kelly also has a web site: Kelly's web site: www.kellycarpercommunications.com. You may have seen it before. 

With all this talk about web sites and blog sites, you may get the bug! That would be great! I encourage all writers to have a blog if it helps you to write every day or every week or every month…whenever.

Send me your bio as soon as you can!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving! Love, Sally

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