The Hill Country Women of Words did meet in September. I’m just really late getting the newsletter out. My back is still giving me some pain and it's difficult to sit for too long, so this newsletter is really short. I thought it might be helpful to post members web/blog sites this time.

Bobbi Grimmer read us something she wrote on her phone “The crown she hoped to attain...” She said it came to her while she was in the dentist office, getting a new crown. I hope Bobbi will expand on this. 

Judith Rost read her flash fiction “A Mother’s Wish.”

Linda Christensen ( ) read her short story “Wilma Katharine.” She plans to submit this story to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Mom Knows Best. 

Mary Eckert ( ) read her story “My Cowboy Angel.” She plans to submit it to Angels on Earth magazine. 

Paula Bramlett ( ) read her piece about “Sacajawea” that will be included in her book, Sassy Cowgirls. Paula is planning to submit a proposal to Jeanie Loiacono at the Agent’s Conference in November and is working to put that together. 

Sheila Kale ( ) didn’t have anything to read, but we are so glad she is with us! 

Sally Clark ( ) brought some more information about how to make a pitch to a literary agent. She is also submitting a proposal to Jeanie Loiacono. 

Vici Wray has finished her book, Adventures at Camp Grandma. It came in at 67K words and she is also putting a proposal together to submit to Jeanie Loiacono. 

New information - 

Andrea Culpepper has a new blog: . Congratulations, Andrea! 

Barbara Loyd ( ) plans to be back in Fbg. the second week of October. 

Connie Arlitt’s blog is . 

In the meantime, everyone is invited to attend the Tuesday Writers inspiration Group that meets every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. at South Church and bring anything to read that you would like to share with the group. 

Lovin’ this rain and hugs to all, 


Figurines used in the above photo is Willow Tree ® sculpture "Sisters by Heart" by Susan Lordi.

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