Hill Country Women of Words newsletter, October, 2008


We had a short program from Sheila Kale: Imagine yourself at a party, PTA meeting, or a church covered dish. In the course of conversation, it comes up that you write. Invariably, somebody will ask, “What do you write?” You can fumble around with hems and haws (like I do) and say, “Oh, all sorts of things….” or you can change the subject by asking them, “What do you read?”

          But the professional response would be a short description of your ambitions that will give people a basic knowledge and a curiosity about what you write. It sounds so simple. It isn’t. Sheila says she is “a God-talker” meaning that she talks about God (Sheila’s passion is speaking to groups about God). Dena Dyer says she “writes about deep topics with a light touch” as her specialty is spiritual humor. If pushed, I suppose I might say that I am a “poet anthologist.” I would like to have something more intriguing to say about myself; I’m working on it! What would you say about your writing?

Dena Dyer brought a poem she wrote called “Cut the Cord.” This was a verb poem, a form Dena read about in The Writer magazine, consisting of a list of verbs formed around a central idea. The poem was very well done and Dena hopes to submit it somewhere in the future. Dena is also working on a humor book for Barbour House and needs input from women in their 40’s and 50’s about what they are most concerned about. If you have something to contribute, email Dena at denadyer@austin.rr.com.

Long-absent and much-missed, Ginny Bain was at the meeting. Ginny brought a mystery short story she has written called “A Matter of Record.” Of course, she left us hanging in suspense, without an ending, and we all felt it could be a much longer work. Come back, Ginny, and tell us how the story ends!!!

 Kelly Polden drove in from Johnson City to join us. Kelly has been attending the Tuesday group (TWiG for short). She brought one flash fiction entitled, “Feels Like Home,” which she has entered in the Women on Writing Flash Fiction contest. Kelly is delighted that it has passed the first round of rejections. She also brought a wildlife story, “Rescuing a Raptor,” which she has entered in the Defenders of Wildlife Nature Story contest. We are so happy to welcome Kelly to WOW! Check out her web site at www.kellycarpercommunications.com to see the variety of writing experience this talented lady brings to our group.

 Linda Colie has finished her short story, “The Cain Mutiny,” based on Genesis chapter 4. Linda fleshes out these Biblical characters with nobility and weaves a wonderful story around Biblical facts. We would love to see this piece lengthened, too!

 Liz Eberle has started a blog called “Liz’s Front Porch”!!! Check her out at www.lizhoyt-eberle.typepad.com! I am impressed and inspired! Liz brought a story, “Secrets From the Creek” that she has read to us before, but we helped her scrutinize it for entry into the Abilene Writers Contest that ends Oct. 31. Good luck, Liz! And thank you, for loving us and welcoming us into your home, once again!

Liz Brookshire brought us two poems. “Ode(r) to a Skunk” was wonderfully funny and delightfully politically incorrect! “Anniversary Card” was a touching testimony to her daughter and son-in-law on their anniversary. Thank you, Lizzie, for both of these.

 Mary Eckert was at our meeting but had nothing to read. The electric company had picked that particular day to work on the electric lines around Mason and Mary had no electricity by noon, when she had to leave to come to Fbg. so she could not print anything out! Mary does report that Peaches Evan’s biography is still at the publishers and, so far, “no news is good news.” She also reports that Rolynn Broksch might be moving to Fbg. soon and returning to our group! I hope so….Rolynn is such a joy!

Sally Clark brought 31 short poems she wrote for her Kidz Flip Calendar idea. I also brought four other poems: “Boils,” “Sophie’s 12th Birthday,” “Toes,” and “In Plain View,” all of which are journal poems from my life. I also brought my copy of Dog Blessings: Poems, Prose, and Prayers Celebrating Our Relationship with Dogs, edited by June Cotner and published by New World Library. I was honored to have one poem published in this book.

 Aimee Martin is attending the Tuesday group. Barbara Loyd emails me poems and stories to read at the Tuesday group and is submitting to contests and magazines. Cindy Harper called to say she was sorry not to be able to attend as did Katy Jones, Megan Willome, Karen Eby, and Rebecca McCright. Dorothy Leyendecker emails that she is involved in a local school’s 5th grade poetry group. They plan to distribute certificates of participation to all involved and publish the poems in a booklet. She promises to send one of the booklets when it is done. Sounds fun!

 Mary Hartmann writes that she is “presently conjuring up a piece about Invisible Grandmothers: The Respect and Understanding Due to Them. As I flutter about groups of different people, talking about grandmothers of all genre, I find either a love emerges or an aggression. "Grandma's Aggression” is a heck of a title isn't it? I'm attempting to write from her side of the story.  What she sees, feels, eats and prays. Using myself as a mediator, I can write from both, family and grandma hearts. Without communication between both parties, I hear a great deal of hurt from both sides. There is a story in their lack of communication.” Sounds fascinating! Send it along for us to read, Mary, please!

I have attached a current submissions list for everybody to see.

All our lives keep moving up, down, and sideways and as God is in His heaven and in our hearts, it is our calling and our joy to write about it all!!!!

 Love, Sally



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