We had a nice turnout for the May meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words.
We started out with a writing prompt. World Weaver Press has a call for submissions for an anthology about Mrs. Claus – who is she? What’s her name? Does she drive a Porsche or a minivan? We wrote for 10 minutes and had a ball – a snowball – doing it! Then we each read what we’d written and laughed and laughed. Hopefully, some of us will finish our short stories about Mrs. Claus and submit them. The deadline is May 30th and you can read the full guidelines here: http://www.worldweaverpress.com/submit-anthologies.html
Barbara Loyd is polishing up her poem, “The Plein-Air Painters.” It is now 7 stanzas. Barbara plans to submit it to an artist magazine. She also brought an essay called, “A Sad History,” about the history of European Jews in the 14h century. Such a tragic past.
Lynn Harris read us more of her current story. Charlie has robbed a bank and been shot dead, which is kinda OK since he was sabotaging his employer. We cried no tears for cold, dead, dishonest Charlie.
Mary Eckert was with us and brought her friend, Judy Koch. Mary is in the process of trying to find an agent for her book, “Where Was God When I Cried.” I helped her out with some information I had, a web site where you can find what agent sold which book where (if the author used an agent). There are two web sites for that - http://agentquery.com and  
Megan Willome has resurrected her crow poems. Remember those? She plans to rework some of them, edit others, and try to see if they will “fly” with a publisher. Get it? Ha!
Sally Clark read her story, “Sidney’s Story,” which is a shortened version of her story, “The Christmas Card” which was previously published in Tyndale House’s anthology Life Savors. I plan to submit it to Purpose Magazine.
We were so proud to applaud Shelley Burkhalter for winning Third Place in the Fredericksburg Writers Conference Annual Contest! Someday (whenever Ken Cook remembers to put it in the newspaper) there will be an article in the paper.
Sheila Kale, Shelley Burkhalter, and Linda Christensen were at the meeting, but didn’t have anything to read.
Judith Rost has gone north, to Minnesota, for 1-6 weeks, for family gradations and weddings. Her husband says one week, Judith says six weeks. I think it will be six weeks.
Hugs all around,

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