The Hill Country Women of Words group for the May, 2011, meeting was small but we had fun with a writing exercise on “Foreshadowing” that Sally Clark brought from the book, Room to Write by Bonni Goldberg.


Recently-joined member Kim Easley was back with us. Kim is working on a middle-grader book series called Harrison Hawkins and the Hill Top Hounds featuring a young boy named Harrison and the dogs he has adventures with, Abilene and Chloe. Kim brought us Chapter One, A New Arrival, of Book One, A Fish Out of Water. Harrison has arrived at his aunt’s country home to spend some time but, “Can you really be friends with dogs?” he wonders. “I mean, you know, they’re just animals…” This is a wonderful beginning, Kim, and we look forward to getting to know Harrison, Abilene, and Chloe much better!
Sally Clark brought a Christmas card she is working on that features her youngest granddaughter, Ellah Rose; a poem called “Crosswinds” that I think I’ll change to “Cold Front,” and five limericks I’m hoping to submit to the Saturday Evening Post contest in June. I have posted just a few new poems to my blog,, if you want to check them out.


Linda Colie read us some more of her story, “Extra Body and Shine,” featuring a diabolical bottle of shampoo. Her lead character’s name is also Chloe. Do I see a pattern here? It was funny and wonderful, as always, but not finished yet. Hopefully, Linda will bring us the rest next month.


Sheila Kale brought a new devotional, “Three Friends,” about the three friends of Job. I love her line, “Folly is talking about God instead of with God.” What a great lesson to take away from this fine piece of work. Thank you, Sheila.


News from around the world of WOWs:


Alice Kolb is still in Oklahoma City with her grandchildren (one newly born) but is eager to get back home to Texas. Maybe we’ll see her in June.


Barbara Loyd sent me a story to critique at TWiG today. Pam, Lianne, and I enjoyed it! Barbara is posting regularly on her blog, and this month it is purple. Great pictures, Barbara. I love iris.


Beth Smith is still posting poems that reflect her love of God on her blog: Take a look.


Cindy Harper is still tied up with her oldest daughter’s wedding on June 18th. Maybe we’ll see her in July. 


Dena Dyer emailed her latest news: “Harvest House rejected the proposal after it had made it past 2/3 hurdles. Ugh. BUT B&H (Broadman &Holman) is still interested and will let us know May 20th or so, and our agent is sending it out today to nine more pubs.” Dena, we are praying for your success!!!


Kathleen Maxwell emailed that she couldn’t make the meeting tonight but you can read the articles she is writing and publishing in the Kerrville Daily Times Faith Section on her blog:


Katy Jones has not posted on her blog, since Feb. 7th because she got hacked into but the last I heard from her, she was looking for an agent for her middle-grade book, Leandra’s Flute.


Liz Brookshire is still babysitting her newest grandbaby in Houston. Maybe we’ll see her in June.


Liz Eberle is still writing on her blog: I love her April 30th post!


Megan Willome’s daughter, J.J., had a drs. appt. that caused Megan to miss the meeting but Megan is doing some wonderful work on her blog, where she is posting a series called “Sitting…in which Megan sits and sees a view during Lent 2011.” Drop by and “sit” with her.


Pam Perrin had sick kid-os, too, and had to miss but she came to TWiG today.


As for the rest of you --- we miss you!!! Come back soon!!!


There are no birthday between now and the next meeting that I am aware of. Please let me know if I’ve forgotten or don’t have your birth date.


And don’t forget to check for a current list of submission deadlines.


The weather has been beautiful but summer is around the corner. Kids will be home. Outside will be hot. Escape – read a book – write a story – come to WOW!


Love, Sally

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