We had a great time at the Hill Country Women of Words March meeting. So many talented women to enjoy!
Barbara Loyd brought us a poem, “Second String Roses,” that has been chosen for publication in The Origami Poems Project. The theme for the anthology was Kindness. Barbara also brought a very short memoir piece she called “Dust,” which she has submitted to Cowboy Jamboree Magazine. The guidelines called for stories that have the word “strain” somewhere in the story. Barbara recalled a teacher who referred to dust as “an alien strain.” Unique! 
Judith Rost read us her entry in the Fredericksburg Writers Conference Annual Contest titled, “Spring in the Hill Country, New Beginnings.” It was a memoir piece about how she and Leonard arrived in Fredericksburg to start this new chapter in their lives. I don’t know when we will hear who the winner of the contest is. Judith and Shelley Burkhalter have both entered.
Linda Christensen brought Chapter Ten, “Collin on Carrie’s Challenge,” for us to read of the book she is writing about her brother and sister-in-law’s relationship. In this chapter, her sister-in-law struggles with her yet-to-be-diagnosed illness and her brother refuses to give up until they get some straight answers. What a hero.
Mary Eckert explained how Tate Publishing, who published her biography of Peaches Evans called Where Was God When I Cried in 2010, has now folded. Mary did get back all the rights to her book and she is now looking for an agent who will contract to represent her in selling her book to another publisher. There are so many pitfalls in publishing, it is really helpful to all of us to group together and learn from one another. Thank you, Mary, for sharing your experience with us.
Sally Clark read Chapter Four, “The Bless Your Heart Cafe,” of her novella, The Art of Christmas. I appreciate being able to read the book to y’all, one more time, to catch even a few more mistakes or find things I might say better than I did before. Thanks for your patience.
See you all there!
Love, Sally

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