We had a great meeting on Monday night, March 16, at Liz Eberle’s house. The turnout was so encouraging!

Dena Dyer has finished her book about Mothers of the Bible that Barbour Publishing commissioned her to write! Hooray!! I know this is a great relief for her. Dena says she is now in a mode of “resting, waiting, and listening,” for what God has for her to do next.


Linda Colie has been a busy, busy, beaver! I don’t know how much she has written of her book, Stuck in Calichie County, but it’s a lot. Linda read us the first two chapters, that is the first two new chapters. The parts we’ve already read are now chapters 3 and 4, I believe. At any rate, the book is fun and exciting and we are so proud of Linda’s work!


Liz Eberle was a gracious hostess, as always, who made us comfortable and cozy while we filled our hearts and our tummies with goodies. Liz didn’t have anything to read, but she brought us a small print-out on the history of St. Patrick’s Day and a review of her friend Susan Perry’s new book, Hindsight, which is posted on amazon.com. Thank you, Liz, for your hospitality.


Mary Eckert has not heard anything back yet from Tate Publishing, where she sent her biography of Peaches Evans, but she brought us an acrostic poem entitled, “Discipline,” a very thought-felt prayer. Thank you, Mary.


Dayna Haines rode in with Mary Eckert from Mason. Do you remember Dayna? She visited our group in July of 2007. Dayna is an art teacher in Llano and loves to paint and draw fantasy pieces. Dayna brought us several mock-ups of her projects. She has several unique pieces she calls “facial landscapes.” Dayna has asked to be put on our email list. Her e-address is hainesinator@verizon.net at home and dhaines@llano.k12.tx.us at school. We are so happy to have you with us, Dayna.


Megan Willome brought two of her wonderful poems, “Great Faith,” and “Forecast,” both are treasured word-pictures of her mother’s journey with cancer. Thank you, Megan; we love these poems.


Rebecca McCright (with three of her teacher friends) is organizing her second annual retreat for teachers. This year’s event will be at The Haven River Inn in Comfort, TX. Rebecca asked us to critique a fund-raising letter she had written, which we did, and she appreciated all our input. Yesterday, I got an email from Rebecca. She asked her husband who wrote campaign fund raising letters when they lived in Midland , to help her. The end result between the two of them is a great letter! I am very impressed! I am praying that Rebecca has plenty of reservations for what sounds like a wonderful, spiritual retreat for teachers.


Sally Clark wrote an ending for Liz Eberle’s story, “Sarah’s Path,” which Liz read last month. Well, it was the only thing I could think of! It was fun reading and writing this piece. I also brought my copy of The Ultimate Gardener: The Best Experts Advice for Cultivating a Magnificent Garden with Photos and Stories, published by HCI Books, and just released this month. My story, “Tomato Libations,” is a shortened version of a previously published story, “ Milk Jug Garden ,” which appeared in GreenPrints: A Weeder’s Digest in 2006. And I also brought nine poems I have written about the Fruits of the Spirit. Some of these poems have already appeared on my blog site, www.pocketpoems.synthasite.com and the rest will follow shortly. Check the site to see my photos along with the poems.


Sheila Kale was there, but didn’t have anything to read. Sheila is still very busy with her speaking engagements, having spoken in Pearsall just last week at a Stonecroft Ministries luncheon.


Andrea Culpepper came late and had to leave early but she did come on Tuesday to TWiG and shared with me a wonderful piece she hopes to submit to Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Book of Miracles. I think this piece would also work well for the Incredible Prayers series Guideposts is looking for. Such a good story about God’s faithfulness in the face of our own struggles. Thank you, Andrea, for letting me read it.


Barbara Loyd emailed me a piece called “The March Winds” which Andrea and I critiqued at TWiG. If you haven’t done it already, check out Barbara’s new blog site, www.fauvefavorites.synthasite.com. This is still a “work in progress,” but Barbara’s doing a great job with it! Both of Cindy Harper’s daughters were in town this week on spring break from their jobs and colleges, so she stayed home to enjoy them. Kelly Carper Polden is having a book signing in Marble Falls tomorrow, March 21, at Serendipity Books from 1-4. I wish I could go, but I can’t! Drat! And Liz Brookshire was babysitting her grandson in Houston , having fun without us!


Please check out the WOW web site, www.hcwomenofwords.org. I’ve made a few updates and would like your opinions. And I still need bios on several of you, so please email me and I’ll help you with them. If any editors or publishers “google” you, they will find you on this site, along with any information you have there.


For current submission deadlines, go to www.christianwriterssubinfo.synthasite.com/deadlines. Mark it as one of your favorites sites for quick and easy reference. This list is updated daily.


Spring is greening up the grass! More rain is on the way, I pray! God is good, regardless of the politicians.


Happy writing! Love, Sally

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