Linda Colie was born and raised in Northern Minnesota, the Land of Guilt and Honey. There was nowhere to go. Someone would tell Ma & Pa.

The deep woods and small town life played to a fertile imagination that was often rewarded with red-cheeked praise and sometimes, the dreaded "what will people think?"

Ms. Colie lived, breathed, and dreamed horses as a young girl, channeling her artistic endeavors and reading programs into horses, horses, horses. A sudden unexpected meeting with RA in her 17th year put a hold on much of her life until moving to Texas with her folks put her in contact with a number of gracious people, namely Liz Eberle who lit a fire under her bum, getting her to join a writing group that eventually became Hill Country Women of Words.

Ms. Colie enjoys writing quirky poetry, silly rhymes, odd ball mysteries, and Biblical fiction. She also draws, colors with colored pencils, and has sewed quilts, dolls, and wall hangings. She came to Christ when she was 40 years old and hasn't looked back. Her love of Christ is what keeps her going, day to day.

Sadly, Linda went home to her beloved Jesus on May 5, 2015. 




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