The June meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words was a relaxed expanse of time for everyone who was there. Such luxury and the best fellowship.
That’s what I wrote on June 17th, three days after our meeting. And then I lost my notes. I looked high and low, I thought, and finally gave up. That’s it. No newsletter for June. Sigh. And then, today, eureka, I found my notes. Hooray! So, even though it’s about a month late, here is the June newsletter, best as I can remember from the notes I took and the writings I had copies of. And please forgive me because I forgot to mark off who all was there and now I can’t remember so if you were there and I don’t mention you, you’ll know I can’t be trusted to remember much anymore. L at all.
Barbara Loyd was there. I know because I have a copy of her piece, “Tasting Colors.” Goodness, this was interesting. We all enjoyed it and argued a few of the points, but thank you, Barbara. I had never considered the color of my dishes and/or silverware and how it might affect my appetite. Barbara wasn’t able to come to the FWC meeting or the Johnson City event because she was out of town.
Judith Rost is working on a story she called “My Guardian Angel,” but has changed the name to, “Invisible Armor.” Isn’t that a great title? I love it! I hope Judith will help me with some of my titles in the future. Judith plans to submit this story to several anthologies/magazines. Judith came along to the Fredericksburg Writers Conference on June 23rd and also attended the writers event in Johnson City on June 28th. I’m so glad she was along for the company.
Linda Christensen is immersed in her latest project – facilitating a faith-based half-way house for women who are recovering alcoholics, funded by Holy Ghost Lutheran Church. It sounds like a wonderful project. Linda is very motivated to see it through and we’ll be interested to hear how it comes along, step by step. I believe Linda said she is keeping a diary of the entire process and I think it will make for some great stories.
Paula Bramlett brought us a new fairy tale, “The Kingdom of Dust.” There had been no color in King Worsely’s land for so long that, finally, even the dreams of his subjects were dulled and drained... Wow. It’s really good! Paula also attended the meeting in Johnson City on the 28th.
Sally Clark brought poems, “Frederick,” “Farmers Market,” “Yellow,” “Helpless,” “Tempest,” and “First the Birds Stop Singing.” The first four of these poems were inspired by Megan Willome’s book, The Joy of Poetry. If you don’t have a copy yet, get one! I went to the FWC on the 23rd and the Johnson City event on the 28th.
Sheila Kale brought us two things. One was a definition of what is “commercial fiction” and what is “literary fiction.” Very interesting! I always wondered, but never knew, the difference. Sheila also brought a piece that we decided best fit the definition of a “cultural myth,” but it could be the start of a very good novel! It was chilling and left us wanting more. Sheila couldn’t attend the FWC meeting or the Johnson City event because her daughter and 5 grandchildren were visiting.
Megan Willome was one of the speakers at the Fredericksburg Writers Conference on June 23rd. She was great. Shelley Burkhalter, Alice Kolb, Bobbi Grimmer were there also, along with Barbara Loyd’s husband, Paul. At the Johnson City event, Shelley Burkhalter, Kathleen Maxwell (Kerrville member), and Lynn Harris rode along with me. We had a wonderful day there and learned quite a lot. We’ll try to discuss it on Tuesday at WOW.
Betty Murphey emailed to say: “Sally, I had planned to come, but now must attend a funeral at the same time.  Next month we will be on vacation, maybe August.  I do miss all of you. Betty”

Surely I will be more responsible this time???
Hugs, Sally

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