The June meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words was a cool respite from the summer heat! We had so many wonderful stories to share!


Remember at our May meeting when we didn’t have time to do our writing assignment from Valerie Gaumont? Remember that we took it home as an assignment and were supposed to bring to the June meeting? Do you remember? Well, Lynn Harris was the only one who did remember!! Lynn brought us her story, “Dawson Creek Disaster,” from the starter sentence: “A flame darted from the logs to the spill of paper...” and it was wonderful! Thank you, Lynn, for remembering.


The starter that Valerie gave us for this month was: “He fancied himself a ladies man...” We all had fun with that one. No surprise, we each took it in a different direction, from poetry to humor to murder. I love hearing all the writings we do at the meetings. It really gets our creative juices flowing.


Valerie Gaumont read first. She brought Chapter 12 of Miss Crissy’s Cooking School for Young Ladies. This novel is much too long to read at our monthly meetings so Valerie said she would be happy to email the chapters she has so far to anybody who wants to keep up. Her email is . In this chapter, Christine’s two suitors, Ben and Bill, are paring off, much to her mother’s delight and her father’s amusement, while Christine is oblivious. Those boys’ll have to do a whole lot more to gain her romantic attention! Thank you, Valerie, for bringing us this chapter.


After reading the assignment from last month, Lynn Harris didn’t have anything more to read but she said she has started two stories at work that she hopes to finish. Please continue to keep Lynn in your prayers. Later this month, she will find out the test results of the MRI for her brain tumors. She is also waiting to find out about funding for the surgery on her ankle. I am so impressed with her good spirits.


Sally Clark brought chapter 6 of her novella, The Art of Christmas. I can’t tell you how encouraging it is to hear everybody enjoying my work so much! I only have one more chapter to finish the first draft of this book (11 chapters in all) and then I can start editing. I would never have believed that somebody like me, who seldom writes more than 2000 words at a time, could write a 20,000+ word novella! That’s a big step for me and it’s exciting!!!


Sheila Kale is working on articles to publish in a chapbook she plans to sell on her coaching web site: . She brought us one of her articles on “Time” to critique. Sheila hopes to help people “live in the freedom of time spent in the way that satisfies your soul.”


Liz Brookshire does historical presentations at the local assisted living facilities every month. At Heritage Place this past month, she gave a talk on “Emil Kriewitz.” In 1847, Emil volunteered to live with the Comanche Indian chief Santana and his tribe for about 6 months. He never forgot his time with the Indians and only left accidentally. The rest of his life was colorful and interesting. Most of us don’t see our own lives as deeply fascinating but they truly are. Thank you, Liz. I always enjoy Liz’s talks!


Vickie Wray read us a part of one of her Camp Grandma activities, complete with audio accompaniment. I wish my grandkids could go to Vickie’s Camp Grandma! That rope bridge and tree house looked like so much fun! Thank you, Vickie!


Linda Colie wrote to this month’s assignment and read us her story. Linda always surprises us and this month was no exception! We always hope that she will continue on with the story after the meeting and bring us the rest of it next month. Maybe this time she will...?


News from other WOW members:


I saw Betty Mucha in Johnson City at the first of this month and she looks like she is feeling very well after her breast surgery. I’m so relieved!


At last month’s meeting, I shared Dorothy Leyendecker’s story in Good Times magazine. She wrote this to me in response: Hi Sally, Glad you liked my story, they bought another one from me for a later issue. I will send it to you when it  comes out.  It was nice of you to share it with everyone. You have been an inspiration with your writings especially poetry.


Karen Vanek emailed that she had to be out of town and was sorry to miss the meeting.


Liz Eberle was busy celebrating her husband’s 90th birthday the evening of our meeting but you should check out her latest blog post at: . I’ll have to think about my “never, ever, ever” list...


Megan Willome was snowed under with a magazine deadline.


Upcoming birthdays are: Valerie Gaumont on June 27th and

                                   Dena Dyer on July 12th



Love, Sally

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