Have I told you lately that I am struggling with a severe case of writer’s block? Well I am. Hence this newsletter is almost three weeks late.
Our 14th birthday celebration turned out to be an intimate affair with just five members present and since I’ve slept so many times between now and then, please forgive me if I don’t remember things correctly or leave anything out.
Barbara Loyd read us an article she titles “Color Favorites,” which was an excerpt from Nori and Sandra Pope’s book, Color in the Garden. Yellow was the chosen color and Barbara even printed the article on yellow paper. I love yellow, too, from spring sunrises to fall leaves to sunny lemons laying in a blue bowl. Thank you, Barbara, for sharing this with us.
Karen Vanek is working on bulletin inserts for St. Mary’s, where she goes to church. She brought us some samples of a few of them. I know St. Mary’s must appreciate her faithfulness.
Sheila Kale gave us a great lesson on how to write a magazine article. In December, 2014, Sheila had a story published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Forgiveness about the death of her second husband and how she worked to forgive him and his family for the pain they had put her through. Well, earlier this year, Diane Nichols, an editor with the magazine Simple Grace, contacted Sheila because she read Sheila’s story in Chicken Soup and wanted to write an article about her for the magazine.
Sheila and Diane have now established an online relationship, writing back and forth with Sheila answering Diane’s questions about her relationship with Jimmy and his parents and Diane answering Sheila’s questions about how to write for magazines. Their conversations have opened a whole new world of possibilities for Sheila and for all of us. There are some very lucrative magazines open to freelance articles. Sheila brought us an eight-step article about “How to Analyze an Article” and she also printed out a five-page sample article, already marked up, to use as an example. We analyzed and discussed the instructions and the magazine piece.
Best of all, Diane has graciously opened herself up to any questions any of us might have about the publishing industry in general (Diane has also published a book) or the magazine industry in particular. So since we didn’t have a writing assignment this month (Valerie wasn’t with us), let’s all get busy and see if we can come up with any questions that Diane might answer! If you do think of any, email them to Sheila at sheilaspeakshope@yahoo.com.
Diane’s article about Sheila will be published sometime in the near future and I will let everyone know as soon as it comes out.
Alice Kolb was at the meeting, but did not have any writing to share.
Sally Clark was at the meeting, but I didn’t have any writing to share, either. First time in fourteen years. *:(( crying Such a bummer.
Oh, Lord, pray for us writers now and at the time of our summer doldrums, when no wind fills our sails or stories fill our heads. Draw us back into the sea of words. In Jesus name, Amen.
Linda Christensen emailed: “So sorry I won’t be able to make it to the WOW meeting tonight, as I wanted to see everyone before I leave (she is going to Maine). We have a commitment this evening. Please share with everyone to have a fabulous summer, and I’ll see everyone in September.”
TWiG is still meeting every Tuesday at noon in the downstairs meeting room of Chase Bank. Regular attendees are Sally Clark, Lynn Harris, Valerie Gaumont, Paula Bramlett, Linda Christensen, and Barbara Loyd. Come join us whenever you can!
Katy Jones had a birthday on July 20th.
Sheila Kale’s birthday is on Aug. 10th which just happens to be the date of our next WOW meeting:
Until then, keep the faith that where words have flowed before, they will flow again, someday.
Love, Sally

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