Dining on pizza, popsicles, and pimento cheese sandwiches, the July meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words was small in number but huge in talent and in news! There is so much to inform you of in our little group, I hope I can remember everything…


Mary Eckert attended a workshop in Brady on July 11 with Nancy Robinson Masters. Mary says it was the absolute best writer’s workshop she has ever attended. I believe Nancy presented her talk: The Ace Factor: Five Top-Gun Tactics For Writing What Sells and Selling What You Write. Here is the blurb from Nancy ’s web site:


                   An exciting, fast-passed session with a Top Gun aviation writer and pilot that will teach beginners as well as advanced writers the five most important tactics you MUST apply to survive and succeed as a writer! Practical, proven strategies to get your writing on course and ignite your sales.


          Mary says she learned so much and was so excited, she would like for us to consider hosting Nancy for a workshop in Fbg. The cost is only $30 per person and we could possibly pull from the Kerrville and Johnson City groups (more about J.C. later). It sounds exciting and something we have never tried before. What do y’all think? We need to discuss this at the next meeting, so be thinking about whether you would like to attempt a workshop and if you would attend.

          Mary has a new email address: dmeckert@wildblue.net. Be sure to change your information accordingly. She is now upgraded from dial-up service to DSL. Horray, Mary!    Mary also says that there is a new writers group started up in Brady, just 17 miles from her house. They meet the 4th Thursday of every month and Mary is going to attend their meeting this Thursday and report back to us about it. It’s so exciting to hear about new groups in the Hill Country. If it weren’t so far away, I’d attend, too. Mary says she will not quit our group because we have been in the trenches with her for so long. I’m so relieved!

          And Tate hopes to have her book, Where Was God When I Cried, out before Christmas. Wow! How exciting!


Liz Brookshire was with us this month and brought a story for us to critique called “A Gift of Time,” which she intends to submit to Silver Boomers newest anthology, Grandma’s Quilts/Grandpa’s Attic. It was a lovely story that brought back memories for all of us of our own grandmothers. I hope they accept this story, Liz!

          Liz also says that she has asked local Doss author, Mae Durden-Nelson to speak to our group at one of our fall meetings. That would be great! I hope she can come.


Sally Clark has been taking an online poetry course this month from poet Melanie Faith through the Women on Writing web site. I brought two poems that I wrote for the class, “In Praise of Shade,” and “My Grandmother’s House,” along with the critiques from the instructor. Everybody was impressed with the depth of critiquing Melanie did and her advice. I have two more weeks to go on this class and will bring the critiques for those poems, too.

          I also brought a poem I submitted to the Abilene Writers Guild Members Monthly Contest, “Westward Sail,” and several other poems I’ve been working on, “Skinny Dipping,” “WOR-ship,” “High Tide,” “Sails,” and “Roadrunner Rhyme,” which won first place in last month’s AWG Monthly contest.

          I told the group a bit about the workshop Liz and I attended in Johnson City on June 18, which has resulted in the Johnson City writers desire to start up a writers group of their own. They are having a preliminary meeting on Tuesday, August, 4th, at 9:30 in the morning, at the Johnson City library. I plan to drive over and maybe Liz. Hopefully, Kelly Polden might be there, too. They would love to have our input as to how we conduct our writers group and any advice we can give them. This seems to be a great group of writers. I’ll be sending out a separate email, if anybody would like to ride along with me and, hopefully, Liz.


Linda Colie is always full of surprises! Did you know that Linda is also an artist? I had no idea! She promised to bring some of her drawings to the next meeting. In the meantime, Linda brought poems, lots and lots of poems: “The Poor Old, Silly Old Cat,” (we laughed out loud!) “Donut Run,” (a fun poem from Linda’s day) “Somewhere Elsie,” (a romance between Somewhere Elsie and Vanishing Victor), “A Walk With Pal,” (very touching) “The Murderous Mister,” (very funny!) and “The Spring Thing” (lovely). We enjoyed Linda’s poems immensely!


Roylynn Brocksch was with us - so glad Roylynn is back! She adds so much to our meetings in advice, critique, and encouragement. We’re always glad to have her!


Dena Dyer was visiting friends in Granbury, so she couldn’t come.

Kelly Polden has been traveling and was just getting back in town that day.

Megan Willome has just arrived back in town, too, but she is sick with bronchitis and a sprained ankle.

Katy Jones was out of town, too. July is a time for travel!

Dayna Haines was helping her husband get some sheep ready for sale on Tuesday.

Karen Eby sends her regards to everyone, as does

Mary Hartmann who sends hugs to everybody.

Sheila Kale was speaking in McAllen , Texas .

Andrea Culpepper is having a busy summer with her kids.

Cindy Harper had to teach a class that night, but plans to be back in August.

Rebecca McCright’s teachers retreat at The Haven in Comfort is this coming weekend and she was at her church’s prayer group Monday night, praying for the retreat. Rebecca also has some news to report:


          “We bought a house in Kerrville . I believe that my physical attendance at WOW will drop off considerably. I am saddened by this, but very excited about our new house and our new community. You ladies have been such a blessing to me and I hope that I will be able to stay in touch with you in sprite of the distance. You know what they say about long-distance relationships! J Give everyone my best! Rebecca”


So sad to lose Rebecca from our group but it sounds like a good thing for her and her family. Blessings to you, Rebecca! You are welcome back anytime!


It is so nice to hear from all you ladies, even when you can’t attend. Thank you so much for staying in touch!!!


Liz Eberle’s daughter Melinda has been very ill. Melinda was in the hospital for more than a week and eventually had surgery to remove her gall bladder. She is home now and recovering but still has some issues with her blood pressure – it’s too low. As you might guess, Liz is exhausted; that’s why she did not come to WOW. She really needs our prayers right now for Melinda’s healing and for her strength. Liz is such a dedicated caregiver and so many people need her to be well and rested. Please lift her up whenever you think of her.

          Liz also has a new web site: http://lizhoyt-eberle-novel.yolasite.com/. This is in addition to her regular web site. On the new site, Liz is going to feature her novel-in-progress, Freedom Searches, with one chapter installment each Tuesday. Check it out and bookmark this site. You will want to read every word of Liz’s exciting story!!!


A decision has been made to suspend the Tuesday Writers Inspiration Group (TWiG) until August 25, when the kids go back to school. We may even try a new location. Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Here’s a good joke from Liz Brookshire: A scientist says to God, “I can create life from this dirt,” and God says, “Get your own dirt.” J I love it! Just had to share!


Don’t forget to check out www.christianwriterssubinfo.synthasite.com/deadlines for the list of current submission deadlines.


And don’t forget Lianne Mercer’s poetry class, “The Poetry Connection,” offered through community ed: http://www2.fisd.org/uploads/docs/summerflyer.pdf Lianne’s class will run for six weeks, every Thursday night from 7-9 at the High School, starting July 30th for a cost of only $59! Sounds like a bargain. I’m goin’!!!


Our August birthdays are Sheila Kale - August 10 and Dorothy Leyendecker – August 23


Our next meeting will be on

Monday night,

August 17th,

at the Highland Oaks Apt. meeting room,

at 5:30 p.m.


With this wonderful rain we’ve had (intermittently), I feel like we’ve got a cold front going on! Bless the Lord for He is Good!!!!


Write about it! Love, Sally

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