We had fun at the January meeting and started the New Year off “write” with a new member!
February 28th, from 10-3, at the Johnson City library, will be the Johnson City Library’s 10th Annual Writers Conference. I will be sending out more information in an email soon, but mark your calendars now. You won’t want to miss this – it’s always a wonderful day and we all learn so much. The cost is $45 and includes a delicious lunch.
Judith Rost read us one of her lessons from the online class she is taking called Bootcamp for Book Writers. It was great. I hope Judith brings us more of her lessons. Thanks for sharing, Judith.
Bobbi Grimmer is still writing her memoirs. Now she has left Rome and her father’s job has moved them to Tripoli in North Africa. She is 17 years old and living in exotic places with foreign people and unusual food. The theme running through Bobbi’s memoirs is how God was pursuing her.
Our to new member, Lesley Boyer, is a retired EMS nurse who lives in Kerrville. Lesley is interested in writing and published her memoirs. She brought us a riveting piece called “Pretty Things.” We were all enthralled.
Megan Willome didn’t have anything to read, but she told us her plans for her new online class, “Through the Looking Glass.” The class will be reading children’s picture books like How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and A Christmas Carol as well as excerpts from adult books like A River Runs Through It, searching for inspiration in their own writing. What a unique idea, Megan. I only wish I had the energy to take the class myself.
Barbara Loyd read us her story, “Duck Maneuvers,” a memoir from her childhood. Barbara plans to enter this piece to a contest or an anthology, I can’t remember which one. It was a reflective piece of what Barbara learned from watching ducks.  
 Linda Christensen had to leave early, but we’re so glad she was there!
Andrea Culpepper is still working on her first blog entry. Her blog is not published yet. I think the name of Andrea’s blog will be Brain Too Full. Very accurate. I think it’s ready to pull the trigger on this one, Andrea, and get it online.
Lynn Harris read from her ongoing novel, Cottonwood Creek Chronicles. A single mom has pressured her brother to hire her three less-than-motivated grown sons in his business and things are not going well. One brother has shown some maturity, but the other two have not.
Sally Clark has been asked to judge the Rhyming Poetry category of the Abilene Writers Guild Annual Contest and she has been bringing a few of the entries to the group each week. I really appreciate the help from everybody. Judging is harder than I thought I would be.
Shelley Burkhalter and Paula Bramlett were with us, too, but didn’t have anything to read. We are so thankful for writers who are willing to listen and critique, even if they didn’t bring anything of their own. Thank y’all.
Stay warm and keep writing!
Hugs to all, Sally

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