Hill Country Women of Words Newsletter, January, 2009

For the first meeting of 2009, The Hill Country Women of Words met at the Hill Country Evangelical Free Church.


After munching on some goodies, Sally Clark passed out copies of an article on “How to Write a Short Bio,” to encourage everyone to submit their bios for the web site. If you missed the meeting and would like to read the article, go to www.ehow.com/how_4448890_write-short-bio.html. This concise, well written article by Wenona Napolitano, an eHow editor, is a great way to discover interesting, pertinent aspects of your writing style and career. The article is also featured on www.christianwriterssubinfo.synthasite.com, on the “Articles” page.


Mary Eckert was with us, as well as Roylnn Brotsch. Roylnn is living in Fbg. now and we’re tickled to be able to have her regularly! She is our biggest fan! Mary read us the first chapter of a wonderful middle-grade novel she started long ago entitled Warrior. We all encouraged her to complete it and bring us more along as she does. But Mary’s big news is that she has decided to pursue her degree in journalism! Mary will attend classes here in Fbg. and online to reach her goal. It is my sincere hope and prayer that she will share her learning with us as she progresses! What an opportunity for us all! We will be your cheering section, Mary, and keep you motivated!


Linda Colie brought the first part of a new, untitled murder mystery that she has been inspired to write. Poor dear little Hansie has been found dead in his paw-prints on a Caliche County back road and screechy Mrs. Cavenaugh is pounding Sheriff Ragsdale to find the dog’s killer. To add to the fun, all this takes place in the small North Texas town of Eberle! Needless to say, we can’t wait to hear more, Linda! Thank you!


Sheila Kale did not bring anything to read but is busy with her speaking engagements. Last week, Sheila spoke at a Stonecroft meeting in Abilene. This week, she speaks at a Baptist girls school in San Antonio. We are so proud of Sheila’s speaking accomplishments! I can’t wait until she gets a video and I can get it on the WOW web site, so we can all hear her.


Megan Willome brought her essay, “Crow Watch,” which will appear in the Feb. issue of The Wacoan in her regular monthly column. On February 13-16 in Waco, birdwatchers participate in “The Great Backyard Bird Count,” so this piece will be very timely. Good job, Megan! We love reading your work!


Sally Clark has written a nonfiction story called “A Sister for Christmas” about her granddaughter, Sophie renewing her relationship with her older half-sister, Angela Maiorka. I have submitted this story to A Cup of Comfort Christmas Prayers and hope to have it published. Thanks, everyone, for all your help. I have also volunteered to review the 2009 issue of Christian Writers Market Guide and post the review on my web site, www.christianwriterssubinfo.synthasite.com. I’ll send you an email when it is out.


Dena Dyer read the second half of her story on depression, a follow-up to the first part which she read to us in December. Dena plans to submit this story to Voices of Healing: Depression. It is an honest, open, account of her personal struggle with depression and her faith in God. I hope they accept this story because it will touch many women’s hearts. Dena has also made a plea for stories for a book she is writing about women aging gracefully. Dena says: I need some more stories, anecdotes, jokes, etc. on marriage, singleness, sex and romance. And I only have a couple of things about children/parents/extended family issues, so please, please send me anything you have.”

If you can help Dena out, email her at denadyer@austin.rr.com.


Liz Eberle brought us an overview of her book, Freedom Fighters, that helped us all to keep up with her characters and plots. Liz has finally conceded this might be two books (possibly three, but she won’t admit that yet!) and the overview is enormously helpful. I really feel like I have a good grasp of the book as a whole now and the future book(s). Wonderful! Thank you, Liz!


Keeping up with missing members:


          Katy Jones emails I feel like all I do is say "I can't come," but I think I'm trying to do too much again.  I may have to back out of WOW until June.  Next year I will try to be more careful with my schedule (I thought I WAS being careful, but old habits die hard)…. Please keep me posted as to WOW's activities and successes!” 


            Liz Brookshire has just returned from a trip to Iowa and emails, don’t give up on me. I intend to return soon!! Tell everyone hello.  I miss being there.” 


          Karen Eby sent me a copy of the wonderful inspirational appointment book she has written and filled with her own photographs, entitled Celebrate Sunrise to Sunset the Sunshine and the Shadows, 2009. I hope Karen will have this featured on her web site (www.nuggetsofgodstruth.com) soon, so you can all see it. We passed it around at the meeting for all to enjoy.


          Cindy Harper is moving! Her new address is 802 N. Orange. Cindy will be cozy in her new house on the corner of Morse and Orange. It’s so cute and I love that she will only be two blocks from me!!!


          Cindy and Kelly Polden both emailed they were sorry to have conflicts the night of the meeting.


For a list of current submission projects, check the web site: www.christianwriterssubinfo.synthasite.com


Until then, stay warm, pray for rain, and write, write, write!!!



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