The Hill Country Women of Words met in the Chase Bank downstairs meeting room for their February gathering and it was fun. I think the room is a good fit for us.

Valerie Gaumont wasn’t there, so we used a Valentine prompt Linda Christensen gave us: “She swooned when she opened the chocolates...” We wrote haiku, fiction, and humor. So much fun!

Barbara Loyd brought us a story called “My Helpful Boss,” about how her boss played a part in her marriage to Paul Loyd. Barbara had planned to enter this story in a contest, but changed her mind. She didn’t feel she could properly tell the story without more words than what the guidelines allowed. I hope she keeps working on it and polishes it up for the next opportunity where it might fit. Barbara also brought a poem she titled, “Words Swept Downstream.” This poem is full of old, colorful words and expressions our grandparents and parents used like “my stars and garters,” and “knee high to a grass hopper,” as well as words like “smooching” and “pitching woo.” If you can think of any others, Barbara would love for you to email them to her at They will enrich her wonderful poem!

Judith Rost brought us an article she plans to submit to Birds and Blooms magazine for their “Birds Tales” section. In Judith’s article, she details how the swallows in their birdhouse played with their spring spaniel puppy, Thunder. I hope they buy this article; it’s delightful!

Linda Christensen is entering the Saturday Evening Post Limerick Laughs contest with a Valentine’s Day limerick. Writing limericks is challenging and fun. I’m so glad SEP does this and I hope Linda wins!! The first line of Linda’s poem was our writing prompt for this month.

Liz Brookshire was with us. She didn’t bring anything to read, but we’re so glad she came! I miss Lizzie’s stories!

Lynn Harris read to us from her novel-in-progress, Cottonwood Creek Chronicles, the second part. Lynn has been extra busy taking care of her six-year-old grandson and her writing time is more limited than it used to be, but I’m glad she’s trying to keep her story going. Bring us more, Lynn!

Mary Eckert was with us, but she didn’t have anything to read. She is determined to try to make our monthly meetings since we’ve changed to a day time meeting. I hope we can inspire her. I love Mary’s writings and I miss them!

Sally Clark brought haiku. Several of us are trying to write (almost?) daily haiku: Valerie, Sheila, Linda, Lynn, and Barbara. We share them at TWiG. Please join us anytime you would like to! At our last TWiG meeting, we learned how to write a haibun.

Sheila Kale is branching out with her writing and we are so pleased. Sheila brought us four sixteen-word flash fiction stories she plans to submit to Haunted Waters Press Penny Flash Fiction Contest. They were chilling! Sheila also wrote two limericks to enter in the Saturday Evening Post Limerick Laughs Contest. They made is laugh. Then she read us a short story she plans to submit to Woman’s World magazine. They want short romance stories. I hope they accept it; the story was great.

Vici Wray emailed: “Sorry I can't make it - getting a cracked tooth fixed.  Fun, fun, fun....Tell everyone hello for me. Have a yummy day.”

Barbara Loyd’s birthday on March 6th and Cindy Harper’s birthday is March 15t

 I hope to see you all soon! 


Love, Sally

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