On Monday, February 16, the Hill Country Women of Words met at Liz Eberle’s home to enjoy a wonderful, warm fire and each other’s company!

Kelly Polden was there and talked to us a bit about her job of doing the marketing and media work for Blanco County ’s 9th annual Lavender festival that is taking place the second weekend in June. Kelly has handled all the publicity for the festival and done a great job. Kelly also read us a new piece she has written called “The Drive-By Heart Break.” Kelly was inspired to write this piece while she and her husband drove Hwy. 281 to Decatur , TX . In an instant, Kelly happened to look out her window and witness a very personal moment in the life of one aging rancher and she quickly began writing as her heart flooded with words. Thank you, Kelly, for sharing this very moving story with us.

Sheila Kale has written a story she plans to submit to Chicken Soup for the Soul: True Love entitled, “Will He Ask Again?” A light, warm piece about how her husband Steven proposed to her, I hope Chicken Soup will make it one of the ingredients for their book!  Sheila also spoke last week to a group of Stonecroft Bible classes in the Houston area. Congratulations, Sheila, on all your speaking engagements!

Roylynn Brocksch was with us. We are so flattered that Roylynn enjoys our writing and we enjoy her company! Thank you for coming, Roylynn, and please continue gifting us with your encouragement and your advice.

Linda Colie is feeling so much better from her new medications that she has been writing up a storm! She brought three chapters of her new mystery, “Stuck in Caliche County ,” where Sheriff Ragsdale is busy investigating the death of little Chihuahua , Hansie, and fending off the irritating Mrs. Cavanaugh. Good work, Linda! Keep writing and bring us the next chapters.

Mary Eckert didn’t take long mourning her rejection from Waterbook Press for her autobiography of Peaches Evans. She has already sent out a query letter to Tate Publishing for the book, and they have requested the complete manuscript, so she is back in the saddle right away! Good for you, Mary! She also brought a very sweet Valentine poem for each of us. Thank you, Mary, for your thoughtfulness.

Cindy Harper brought two poems, “Poetic De-ice” and “Fuzzy Math,” both delightful, warm, and inviting word pictures. Thank you, Cindy! Please bring us more!

Sally Clark has tackled a new project – writing toasts to submit to June Cotner’s latest project, TOASTS: Words for Every Occasion. I wrote 40 toasts, all on different topics, and greatly appreciate the feedback I got from the group. I hope to get these in the mail soon.

Rebecca McCright brought her most recent teacher’s newsletter, Fruitful Teaching, which featured articles from Rebecca and her sister, Dana Stanley. These could be a wonderful devotional book for teachers someday, Rebecca. She also brought us a shape poem entitled, “Autumn’s Bonfire,” a beautiful visual poem about the turning of the cypress leaves. Thank you, Rebecca!

Liz Ebele has submitted one of her stories, “Charlie’s Shirt” to the Gulf Coast Writer’s Anthology and has another one ready to go, “Sarah’s Path,” which she read to us this evening. “Sarah’s Path” is a good story, but the ending jolted us all and Liz had to endure numerous requests for closure (an ending – she really left us dangling) so to that end, we decided that at March meeting, we should each bring an ending to Liz’s story – just 250-500 words – of how you think the story should end. I’m going to scan the story and send it out as a separate email, so it attracts more attention. This should be FUN! We haven’t done anything like this since we woke poor Emily out of her dream and sent her on her way!

Andrea Culpepper has been coming to TWiG when she can. Dena Dyer is working hard to meet her March 1 deadline with Barbour House for her Aging Gracefully book. Megan Willome’s entire household has been sick for a month, but are finally on the mend. Liz Brookshire had previous obligations to sit with her mom.

Don’t miss out on the fun!!! If you haven’t written anything, come anyway! If you have written something, come for sure! Just come!

Keep those fingers movin’ and pray for rain!

Love, Sally

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