We had a lovely meeting at the December Hill Country Women of Words! Hope you are all getting in the holiday spirit.
Valerie Gaumont provided our timed writing topic: “It was converted into barracks.” I wrote a poem, but others wrote fiction and nonfiction. Don't forget to email what you wrote to Valerie (valeriegaumont@gmail.com) so she can post it on our blog: https://fredricksburgwomenofwords.wordpress.com/
Judith Rost brought us a creative nonfiction piece she calls “An Angel Dressed in Blue” that she has submitted to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels and Miracles. This wonderful story gave us great encouragement as proof of God’s tender care for our grieving. I certainly hope it is selected for publication.
Sheila Kale was with us, but didn’t have anything to share. We all particularly enjoyed Sheila’s timed writing and we hope she will write more to this story and bring it to our next meeting. Hint, hint!
Linda Christensen brought a piece she called “High School” she plans to send to The Sun magazine for their Reader’s Write column which is themed for their next issue, “High School.” Linda wrote about the high school where her dad graduated in 1934, her oldest brother in 1959, her middle brother in 1969, her youngest brother in 1972, Linda in 1962, and Linda’s daughter in 1984. I’d call that a family school!
Sally Clark brought a creative nonfiction, “Where’s My Hug?” which was the saga of how she got her lift-the-flap board book, Where's My Hug?, published with a traditional publisher, Ideals Children’s Books. I have submitted this piece to an anthology being published by Authors Publish and now I will wait to hear back from them if it has been accepted or not. Seems waiting was the theme of this story....
Barbara Loyd brought us two pieces, “A Different Christmas,” and “A Seasonal Tree;” both stories are creative nonfiction. I’m sure we can find some places for Barbara to submit these as it seems like there is always somebody looking to put together a Christmas anthology.
Valerie Gaumont read us Chapter 2 of her detective story about Detectives Benson & Andrews, one of whom (of course) turns out to have magical powers. You know Valerie – her stories always have that original and interesting twist to them that puts her tales a step beyond the ordinary or out into a galaxy far away. We love it, Val!
Betty Murphy emailed: "I hope to join you in January.  We leave tomorrow to see our good friend in west Texas.  He suffered a stroke some 3 weeks ago.  Merry Christmas to all of you.”
Paula Bramlett writes: “We are still in the middle of building mania....stir that in with the holidays and what you get is a solid New Year’s resolution. So, I will see you in the new year....with words unlocked! Have a blessed Christmas.”
Vici Wray let me know: “So sorry to miss it but have many things going on at the same time...don't know whether I've found a rope or lost a horse. Wish everyone a very Merry and Blessed Christmas for me.”
My prayers are for everyone to have a joyful and peace-filled Christmas and God bless us, everyone!!
Love, Sally

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