The December meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words was a small one which made the meeting short but sweet. There is so much going on at this time of year to pull people away!


We opened with a writing exercise - always good and always a stretch. Thank you Valerie, for choosing it.


Vickie Wray brought the very first play she ever wrote and performed with her grandkids, “The Meaning of Christmas.” This play will be featured in her book, Camp Grandma. Her play explained the Christian symbolism behind many of the trappings of Christmas, like the Christmas tree, red ornaments, silver bells, candles, candy canes, and wreaths. What a wonderful little play for children to perform and learn from as they do. Thank you, Vickie!


Sheila Kale was there but she didn’t bring any writing to share. Sheila has been busy with her life coaching classes and sessions. See what she is up to at and sign up for her free "Deeper Relationships" inspirational newsletter.


Linda Colie was there and even though she didn’t bring any writing to share, her spirit always brightens every meeting.


Sally Clark brought the first chapter of a Christmas novella she is working on called The Art of Christmas. Fiction is a big step out of the box for me and a novella seems huge since I seldom write anything over 2000 words. This needs to have a lot more words than that! I also brought copies of the Jan/Feb issue of Alive Now!, a bi-monthly adult devotional put out by the Methodist church that features my poem, “Civil Servants.” They sent me 10 copies so I brought them to share.


I heard from many of you before the meeting. Thank you for staying in touch!  


Barbara Loyd has been wonderfully faithful to post on her blog this year, On Dec. 21st, she posted an article about how to recycle Christmas cards into small gift boxes. Remember when she did this with us one year at Christmas, when we were meeting at Liz’s house? Afterwards, she sold the article to Focus on the Family. Barbara’s blog has beautiful art work and wonderful posts about colors and how they affect us and our world. Check it out!


Betty Mucha writes: That (our meeting date) is the date of our Master Gardener end of the year meeting and party.  See you next year.  Happy Holidays.


Our condolences to Kathleen Maxwell ( . Her mother died on December 12th. Such a hard time of the year to have such a loss but Kathleen has a wonderful article up on her blog, She has also recently learned that her father has bone marrow cancer. God bless you, Kathleen.


Our sympathies also to Liz Brookshire ( on the loss of her mother-in-law on December 10th. Her funeral was the day of our meeting.


Liz Eberle is finally, finally, home (and I hope she can stay there for now) from the hospital and Knopp #1 and the hospital again and then Windcrest! She has home health care and Visiting Angels round-the-clock care and she writes: Thank you for letting the WOWs know about my ordeals. I heard from SO many and mostly it was during this last time in the hospital when there were hours or days I didn't know anything, then rouse a bit and find a note from one of the ladies. So sweet. Right now, Liz is using this address, for emails.


Pam Perrin writes: I will miss again this month. Sache has a cheer training class on Monday nights. I think it is over in January. So Merry Christmas to all!


News from Sheila Barnette is bitter sweet: I have accepted my church's plea to be Administrative Board Chairman for the next 2 years, which is daunting in itself, but sad because it requires me to meet on the 3rd Monday of every month, plus a few other committee meetings in between. That means giving up WOW for that time span. I pray that I can do a good job of helping forward God's plan for our church, and by outreach, the world, but I will miss you all a lot.


I intend to keep writing when I can, and when this job is over, I hope to return to the WOW meetings. You dear and talented people are such a source of inspiration, wisdom and valuable criticism. Please keep me on the email list for news of everyone.


God bless you all and have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year! We will really, really miss Sheila at our meetings but she doing a tremendous job for her church and we’re proud of you, Sheila! Please stay in touch.


Valerie Gaumont went home for the holidays, to North Carolina, I think? She’ll be back in January.


We have two birthday coming up: Linda Colie on Dec. 28 and Laura Lightner on Dec. 30


Let’s all pray for a healthy and prosperous New Year in 2013, filled with exciting writing projects and warm friendships!


Love and Merry Christmas, Sally


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