Where does the time go? I'm so sorry this newsletter is so late but what can it say...it's Christmas!!!

The Hill Country Women of Words met December, 2009, at Liz Eberle's house. I think Liz has more Christmas decorations in her house than most stores! It was truly beautiful, Liz, and we were blessed by all your efforts!! Thank you so much!

Liz Eberle has not been writing lately (except emails), but she did show us what she has been busy with – her new hobby, knitting. She had a beautiful scarf to show us made of soft, warm shades of blue, burgundy, and amethyst. Made me want to wrap up in it! Liz has also been busy with her scrap booking. She has compiled a wonderful, huge binder of every letter her son Eddy wrote to her while he was in Operation Desert Storm and in the Iraqi War, along with copies of her letters in reply, photos, and news clippings. What a treasure! She is now working on a scrapbook of she and Gus' seven years together, along with our WOW adventures. Liz is not writing with words right now but she is writing with her needles and with her photos and scrap books. Beautiful work, Liz, and real treasures!

Sheila Barnette brought two Christmas pieces. One was an essay/memoir entitled “Christmas Ornaments.” Sheila and her husband sorted through his parents lifetime collection of Christmas ornaments, recalling events and memories behind each bauble and ball. And a short story called “A Very Different Christmas Eve,” in which Sheila shared with us her 5th Christmas, the one when she had the measles and her mother lived the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ to her. This one definitely should go to Chicken Soup or some other worth publication. It brought tears to my eyes!

Dena Dyer surprised us with a humor piece, “How to Write an Offensive Christmas Letter,” that had us all in stitches! I think this one, too, should be published in a Christmas anthology as a warning to over achieving Christmas newsletter writers!! Dena also brought a children's board book she is working on, "The 12 Kisses of Christmas," chock full of slimy, fuzzy, noisy, perfume-y, powder-y, yummy, gruff Christmas kisses to delight any toddler. I love it! Thanks, Dena!

Megan Willome had good news to share: the magazine she edits, The Wacoan, has started a blog at www.wacosphere.com and the magazine's owner has featured one of Megan's pieces right off the bat: “11 Commandments for Being a Good Neighbor.” You can read and comment on the article at http://www.wacosphere.com/?p=147 . We hope to see more of Megan's work there soon but for our meeting, she brought us a children's story she wrote called “Rainbow Crow: an Untelling.” A wonderful adaptation of another children's picture book, also called “Rainbow Crow,” and written by Nancy Van Laan. I love when Megan writes children's stuff about her fascination with crows. This was great, Megan! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Linda Colie brought us a Christmas story, “The Census Journey,” quite a departure of her vampire and children's stories of late. Linda's versatility is amazing in this compassionate, tender tale of the fear and wonder of Mary and Joseph's Christmas journey. Linda gives flesh and blood to Biblical characters and makes Bible stories very real and personal to her readers. Thank you, Linda! We are so thankful for you!

Sally Clark brought a fantasy fiction piece called “The Second Christmas.” I wrote this story on Sunday, the day before the meeting, when I was inspired by the Christmas program at 1st Baptist Church. I've always imagined that all flesh would know of the second coming of Christ at the same time, but what if I'm wrong...what if creation knows it first and we become aware by the landscapes around us? It was such a fun story to write and gave me peace.

Mary Eckert was with us and she reports that her book, Where Was God When I Cried, is on track for publication in January, 2010. She has seen and approved the cover; she says it's wonderful! Her project for Patti King is shelved for now and Mary is just wading through the Christmas holidays (aren't we all?) to get back to her writing work.

Alice Kolb has good news/ bad news/best news: good news is that she pitched an article to Threads Magazine and it was accepted. It is a how-to article on the embellishment of wearables. The bad news is the amount of work necessary for a how-to: step-by-step sewing processes and a finished garment, plus the copy. The best part is that they pay well!

Cindy Harper had a poetry reading in Austin the first weekend in December for her poem, “Fuzzy Math,” in the 2010 Texas Poetry Calendar that I didn't get to go to. :( How was it Cindy? Dos Gatos Press has a nice photo of Cindy on their web site at http://dosgatospress.org/gallery.html from the reading in Austin. Check it out!

Katy Jones sends her regrets. Her night vision is getting worse and she doesn't want to drive at night, so she will try to make a Tuesday meeting instead. That would be a real treat!!

Kelly Polden had a book signing at The Closer Walk on Tuesday, December 15th, for Christmas Miracles, the Christmas anthology that features Kelly's story, “The Miracle of The Lord's Prayer.” Sheila has more copies on her shelves if you need a last minute Christmas present. I have a photo from the book signing and will share it when I get my current computer glitches worked out and can download photos again.

Sheila Kale, Rebecca McCright, and Liz Brookshire all sent their regrets and will join us again in the New Year.


We only have one January birthday: Megan Willome on January 29th.

I think we will not have TWiG the next two weeks. Let's take a break since the kids are out of school and resume in January of 2010. Can you believe it? 2010? Did you ever imagine.....?

Merry Christmas and the Lord's blessings on us all!!!

Love, Sally

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