Hill Country Women of Words Newsletter, December, 2008

The December meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words met at Liz Eberle’s winter wonderland home! A delight for the eyes and a celebration for the spirit, Liz’s fireplace warmedour hearts with the season’s beauty!  

Cindy Harper’s book review on the book “Captivating” will appear in The County Woman Magazine in the Jan./Feb. issue. I’ll let everybody know when it is out. Cindy blessed us with the gift of a poem, “Twelve Gifts,” a beautiful poem inspired by Romans 5. Thank you, Cindy, for the remembrances of the season.

Megan Willome brought what she plans to be her January column for the Wacoan magazine entitled “Good News.” Megan has a fresh perspective on New Year’s resolutions – instead of wanting less, she wants more; more sunny days and more snow; more time with friends and more walks in the park. What a refreshing and “lightening” gift this was! Thank you,Megan!

Sally Clark talked about blogging and shared a review of one children’s writer whose blog was published into a book. Sally brought a selection of poems and photos from her blog, www.pocketpoems.synthasite.com. I have loved writing this blog and hope to continue it. Please visit whenever you can!

Sheila Kale is working on a web site of her own, in addition to her store’s site: www.thecloserwalk.com, and brought descriptions of eight talks she hopes to feature on her site. Soon, Sheila will even have video clips of her talks for perspective clients to view. How exciting! Our skills are growing by leaps and bounds, ladies!!

Kelly Polden brought a beautiful story she has written about her dad called “The Christmas Miracle of The Lord’s Prayer.” Kelly plans to submit this story to Christmas Miracle Stories, an  anthology being compiled by Cecil Murphy. Honestly, I could see this story being made into a Christmas movie, it was that good! And all true! What a blessing, Kelly. Thank you for sharing this with us!  

Liz Eberle’s gift to us was Chapter 7 of her exciting book, Freedom Fighters. Excellent! This work is getting better and better and we can’t wait to see it finished! Liz had a booksigning on December 6 along with co-contributors, Travis Tougaw and Susan Perry, for A Cup of Comfort for Military Families. Berkman Books hosted the event and were delightful and gracious. Liz has another gift for everyone: her Advent blog at www.lizhoyt-eberle.typepad.com It is a true blessing of the season that you won’t want to miss. Thank you, Liz!  

Dena Dyer brought us the first part of a story she plans to submit to The Healing Project: Voices of Depression. In this stirring account of her struggle with depression, Dena is so vulnerable and open, it’s sure to be encouraging to other women fighting the same battles. Thank you, Dena, for your courage and for the hope that you give to us all!

Mary Eckert brought a guest along with her, Kassie Haines (hope I got the last name right), and a poem entitled, “God’s Gifts.” Thank you, Mary!

Linda Colie read a rhyming, humorous poem she wrote called “Christmas – Paper or Plastic?” a fun reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

Aimee Martin is coming on Tuesdays to our TWiG group. Andrea Culpepper’s daughter returned from Africa the night of our meeting, so she couldn’t be with us. Dorothy Leyendecker will be in North Carolina for Christmas and hopes to see us all in the spring. Karen Eby has self-published a calendar/notebook called 2009 Celebrate Sunrise to Sunset, Sunshine and Shadows, full of her photos and her writings. Katy Jones and her husband were on an anniversary trip when we met. Liz Brookshire is taking care of her mom, in her mom’s home right now. Rebecca McCright’s son Ben had a Christmas concert in Kerrville on the night of the meeting. Thank all you ladies for keeping me posted! I love hearing from you and knowing what you are up to.

Megan and Dena have both sent me their bios and I have posted them on the website, www.hcwomenofwords.org. Please send me your bios whenever you can, and pictures, too, if you want. Give me a call if you need somebody to take your picture or I’ll do it at the next meeting.

Blessings and joy to all as we celebrate our Lord’s birth!!!!  

Love, Sally


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