The August meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words welcomed a new member this month – Deanna Borman. Deanna writes poetry and children’s and we are delighted to have her with us.
We started our meeting with a writing prompt, brought by Sheila Kale. “Footsteps sounded in the hallway . . .” This was a fun exercise. We used to do a 10-minute writing prompt every meeting, but had gotten away from it. I’m glad Sheila was there to remind us how much fun these are.
Andrea Culpepper wrote a humor story to the prompt: the footsteps in the hall were from her dog, who needed his nails trimmed! Andrea also brought us a funny piece about her reflections from the dentist’s chair. We enjoyed Andrea’s writing. She also had some information for us: a young man in town named Sam Mills (son of Frank and Melinda Mills) is now working on computers. He helped Andrea with hers and she recommends him. Sam’s phone number is 830-456-0887.
Bobbi Grimmer didn’t write anything for the prompt and that is perfectly OK. Participation is completely voluntary. Bobbi did read some more of her memoirs, this one about attending a wedding in Libya, contracting dysentery (not from the wedding, I hope), swimming in the ocean and nearly drowning because she was too weak to make it back to shore. She was only 17. Thank you, Bobbi. We love your mom-oirs.
Deanna Borman wrote to our prompt. Her story was a cliff-hanger! Thanks, Deanna. We are so happy you are with us.
Lynn Harris wrote to the prompt about an intruder, but this time, the victim has a gun. Interesting twist. I like it! Lynn also continued the story she is reading to us at TWiG every week. I always look forward to hearing more.
Mary Eckert (remember her, from Mason?) was with us. We were so happy to see her. I looked it up and I think the last time Mary was with us was in May of 2017. Mary wrote to the prompt, too, about a teacher in an abandoned school house. Mary responded to the email I sent out last week about writing a biography of the woman who owns Magnolia Pearl. They set up a meeting for this Friday, the 17th. Mary texted me after the meeting to say everything “sounds every positive.” I’ll keep y’all posted.
Sally Clark blew it this time. I brought a story I wanted critiqued, “A Dad by Any Other Name,” but I brought pages 1 and 3 without page 2. Good grief. L It was a mess. I’ll bring the RIGHT copy to TWiG next week. Sigh. I wrote a poem in response to the prompt.
Sheila Kale wrote to the prompt “. . . there was an intruder . . . help will come  . . . help will come . . .” It was scary.
Vici Wray wrote to the prompt, a funny story involving a sick toddler. Vici brought us four sample pages for Camp Grandma, a skit called “A Plethora of Prestidigitation,” “The Courtesy Jar,” for the Games and Contests chapter, the introduction to the book, Adventures at Camp Grandma – a Show How Book, and some suggested sources for devotions. I’m so glad Vici is moving on this project again. It really is wonderful.
Barbara Loyd is still in New Mexico. She sent me something to bring to the group for critique, but it was messed up – all technical/computer junk – and I couldn’t read it. She will resend soon.  
On 08-08-18Judith Rost emailed me to say: “We will be heading back to Texas earlier than planned. We sold our camper and we're getting kicked out. Ha ha. Hope to make it back by then. I've put out my own press releases as I used to do it with a former job, but I can always learn more.”
Then on 08-13-18, Judith wrote me again: “I've had a busy month visiting libraries in the local vicinity of Central Minnesotaand doing book signing. So far I've had two book signings. I started with 3 cases of books(25 books each case),  and now I'm down to just a few books. I have two more book signings at local book stores for this weekend. I'm waiting for two more cases of books to arrive. Should have them by Tuesday or Wednesday. I've sold books at church and at family get-togethers as well as Leonard's class reunion. It's amazing how receptive people are up here to local writers. I've been on one of the local radio stations, KOOL - tv, written up in two newspapers. I feel humbled so far for the reception of the books.
I've been asked to speak at several libraries next year, but I'm not sure if we'll go up to MN. We're talking about taking a year off and staying home. We sold our camper and have not had a chance to look for another one.
We should be back in a few weeks.”
Paula Bramlett emailed to say: “I am sorry to miss WOW this next Tuesday. I actually have an appointment at 3:00 In Austin to start working on a website with my expert. That requirement is the only stumbling block between me and the November critique. Something quick and simple and we will be done. That's the plan anyway.”
And on the day of the meeting, Shelley Burkhalter wrote this: “Sorry I missed the meeting today.  I had an interview at HEB .  I'm going to be one of the people trying to get you to eat a sample.  I usually avoid those people and now I'm one of them!  Such is life.  I'll try to get a few Tuesdays off.”
Hang in there. Summer (and the heat) are almost over, I hope!
Love, Sally

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