Here is your later-than-usual Hill Country Women of Words newsletter. I’m glad I waited because I have some exciting new to share. But first, here is the re-cap from our August, 2015, meeting:
It was a confused beginning to our meeting because I totally forgot the University Center campus is CLOSED in August! At least when we needed it, it was. They had warned me about it way back in January and I made a “mental note” that we would have to find an alternate location to meet in August, but you know how sharp my “mental” is these days and I totally forgot. (I did write a note on next year’s calendar, so I won’t forget) Long story short, we ended up at my house and all was well. It was a small group.
Valerie wasn’t there so we chose our own starter phrase: “I can’t believe it’s happening again...” and it was fun. It’s always a surprise to hear our stories and how different they all are.
Anna Mendeke wrote a memoir to our story prompt and told us about her car running out of gas. We can all relate to that one, right? Anna also brought one of her memoirs about a very special doll that she lost, then found again, then gave to one of her nieces, instead of keeping it for herself. We were touched.
Barbara Loyd wrote an essay to the prompt about retirement. She brought an essay to share on “The Cultural Connotation of Green” (typed on green paper) and she taught us about the good things that green implies (green light – go) as well as the bad things (green with envy). Thank you, Barbara.
Sally Clark wrote a fiction story about a confused old woman on Halloween. Those costumed children are at the door, again, just like last year. It’s happening again! I also brought a group of poems I call “Monastery” that I hope to enter into a chapbook contest. I’m glad I brought it to the group – four (or five) heads are better than one and I plan to make some changes.
Sheila Kale also wrote a fiction piece to the story prompt, then she read a piece to us that she plans to feature on her new web site: Take a look at her new site – it is beautiful and it feels so much like Sheila’s peaceful spirit!!
Sally Clark’s cousin, Dr. Melinda Wade-English, was visiting with us that night. Melinda is a doctor of music and she has just moved to Fbg. She is interested in taking on some new flute students, if you know anyone who is interested. You can check out her blog at:
Mary Eckert emailed her regrets: Sure do miss everybody. Been very busy this summer with shifts. Next week, week of the meeting, we will be in Killeen waiting for the birth of our God-daughter, so will not make the meeting. Haven't really been doing any writing. Shame on me.  Blessings to all.
Our sympathies go out to Megan Willome, whose grandmother died on August 9th, in San Antonio, at the age of 101½. You can read Megan’s sweet (and funny) tribute to her grandmother on her blog:
Alice Kolb’s birthday is Sept. 14th and Karen Vanek’s is Sept. 17th.
Now for more exiting new – there will be seven WOW members selling their books at the Llano Library Authors Extravaganza and Book Fair on October 3rd! Valerie Gaumont, Sally Clark, Alice Kolb, Barbara Loyd, Mary Eckert, Dayna Haines, and Linda Christensen have all agreed to show/sell their books at the library that day, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., with writer’s workshops to follow at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. You can read all about the event on the Llano County Library’s website: and we’ll talk more about it at our next meeting. This event is not just for people to buy books, but it’s for all writers to hear five nationally known speakers and attend two writer’s workshops. Thanks to Linda Christensen for finding the information and to Barbara Loyd for doing all the leg work and making this event possible for us.
Our days should (hopefully) start cooling off soon and I am praying that we all find inspiration and energy to write!
Love to all, Sally

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