We had a great August meeting at Liz Eberle’s house and stayed plenty cool in this awful heat! If you couldn’t make it, you missed a wonderful time!


Liz Eberle didn’t have anything to share with us but she has made some changes to her blog and has a new address: www.lizwritesintexas.yolasite.com. Check out her latest blog entries! Liz has also made some updates to our members address list and is including our web/blog sites. Thank you, Liz! She had paper copies for everybody but I’ve also posted all the information on our web site: www.hcwomenofwords.org. Under the “Members Only” tab, our login is “hcwows” and our password is “fbg78624.” Click on “Members Addresses.” Please take a minute to check out the site and make sure your information is correct. If it’s not or you want to make any changes, let me know. And if you would like to have your bio posted on our site, just email it to me, and I’ll put it on, along with a picture, if you have that or want that on the site.


Sheila Kale was with us, but didn’t bring anything to read. Check out her latest devotionals at www.thecloserwalk.com


Pam Perrin was with us, too, but she didn’t have anything to read either. Pam has been busy this summer with her kids but they are back in school now and she hopes to join us on Tuesdays for TWiG.


Liz Brookshire has resigned her job at the Gillespie County Historical Society as Program Director to spend more time with her grandchildren but says she will continue to post to their blog: http://blog.pioneermuseum.net Liz brought her latest blog post, “School Days in Early Fredericksburg” and it was fascinating! So many things I didn’t know about the early schools here. I’ve been thinking all week about “the first die, the second are deprived, and the third thrive” – a German saying about the first generation of settlers dying early, the second generation living in deprivation, and the third generation (my grandmother and Liz’s grandfather’s generation) thriving. Talk about perseverance and determination! What a blessing we live under! Thank you, Liz!


Cindy Harper brought us a poem called “Back Porch Reality Check.” This is a wonderful poem, Cindy! I really loved it! She’s not sure about the title, though…we may see this poem published under a different name someday…maybe, “Out of Touch”? Personally, I liked “Blood Smear on a Glossy Cover”! A great line! Thank you, Cindy!


Alice Kolb attended the Writer’s League of Texas week long workshop the last week of July in Alpine, Texas, and shared the experience with us. I think a group of us really should try to go next year. It sounded like a great experience and not too expensive. I’ve never been to Alpine, have you? Alice brought us a fun essay she wrote called “It’s Supper Time – Again!” How I can related! Alice has figured out in the past 40 years of cooking, she’s made 42,000 meals. Amazing! I’m way behind that figure! You can read her piece on her blog: http://pens-or-pins.blogspot.com. It is delicious! Thank you, Alice!


Linda Colie was with us and would you believe it – while we were all talking and gabbing and eating and reading, Linda was writing poems? She read all 3 to us – “Round Hay Bales,” (being inspired by the pastoral view out of Liz’s living room windows) “Summer Fruit,” (we had some wonderful watermelon, cantaloupe, and strawberries to share that evening) and “Nine Women,” (that was us!). All 3 poems were entertaining and we loved them, especially the one about us!! We need to post that on our group site!! Thank you, Linda! Linda also has a new address: 1125 S. Adams, #1402, Fbg. More about that below at the end of the newsletter…


Megan Willome has been busy with The Wacoan and had just submitted her 2,000 word article for the month, “Quality Time: 7 Ways to Find Joy in Family Life.” As usual, Megan found a new slant to a common aliment. Don’t you have enough quality time with your family? Relax – every day and every way with your family is quality time. You don’t have to create it – you’re living it every day! She read a few excerpts to us from her nifty little net book she carries in her purse (I’ve gotta get one of those!) and it was a great article. Thanks for sharing it with us, Megan, and thanks for using my story!!! And be sure to keep up with Megan’s blog at: http://meganwillome.highcallingblogs.com


Sally Clark brought two copies of New Love Stories Magazine featuring one of her poems, “The End of Longing.” I would not say that this magazine is smut….more “advanced romance” and I haven’t checked yet to see if HEB carries it! Well, hey, they paid good for poetry ($25) so I was happy. I also brought a copy of Grandmother Earth XVI 2010, an anthology published by the Tennessee Poetry Society that featured one of my senryu, “faded blue jeans.” No pay for that one, but a good credit. I brought a story I wrote in a 20 minute writing exercise in Johnson City at the July JC Writers meeting called “Kitchen Detective.” Just something fun. And then I talked and talked about my upcoming speech for the Abilene Writers Guild on September 23rd, that Nancy Masters has titled: “Thirty Ways to Write Poetry Without Losing Your Reader (or your Lover!).” Actually, I’d say it’s more about how to write poetry to a theme not just by inspiration! Thank you, thank you, for all your help, ladies! You gave me great advice and I couldn’t do this without you!


Other news: Barbara Loyd has been sending stories to critique at TWiG and having many successes!!  I hope you’ve seen the emails.


Dena Dyer’s new address is 6400 Bell Street #5207, Amarillo, Texas, 79109. Her cell will still be 830-998-1227 and same email. Dena writes: “Big hugs! Miss you guys!” You MUST read her blog: www.denadyer.typepad.com and keep up with all her new experiences.


Dorothy Leyendecker in Lake Cities, Florida, says: “We have been having a heat wave here, am happy to say we  will be going to family reunion in Maine come August. Taking about two weeks to travel in some cooler climate.” Wish we could go along!!!


The news from Kelly Carper Polden is sad: “Howard and I are moving to the Bitterroot Valley near Missoula, Montana. Howard accepted a new job as the clinical base commander for a Missoula-based flight program. He will start at the end of August. My timeframe is dependent on the sale of our home and horse property. I anticipate being back in the Johnson City area early next year to promote my new book. (about the LBJ park.)” Please keep us posted, Kelly. I want to be in JC when you are and get your new book from Acadia!


Lorraine McVey emailed to say: “I wish I could come tonight. I finished my short story on the dog and would love the critique from the group. It was so helpful last time. I just can't get out of class and make it. Hope you'll have a great fellowship.    God Bless” Lorraine has been coming to TWiG sometimes, too.


The word from Mary Eckert is: “Wish I could be there, but my car is in the shop. It is sick...Anywho...tell everyone hello for me...Blessings to all....Mary”


Sheila Barnette emailed that she “may not be there Monday night. I am once again fighting a stomach/intestinal upset that has lasted several days and I may need to go to the doctor again on Monday. I will miss seeing everyone!” Get well soon, Sheila. Hope it’s nothing serious.


We have three September birthdays: Alice Kolb, Sept. 14

                                    Ginny Bain, Sept. 16

                                                       Kelly Polden, Sept. 29


It is unfortunate that we won’t be able to use their community room but we’re going to try Linda’s living room. I will keep everybody posted.


One good way to stay out of the heat - stay inside and write!


Love, Sally

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