The August meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words was at the Highland Oaks Apartments meeting room and let me tell you, the only thing hotter than our writings was the weather!


We were delighted to meet new member, Alice Kolb. Alice lives about 7 miles south of town, on Old San Antonio Road . Alice has her own web site: She loves to quilt and teaches quilting, hosting several workshops locally throughout the year. Her next seminar will be August 30-Sept. 2 in Boerne. If you are interested, here is the link: Alice has written many how-to articles related to her quilting passion but would like to branch out to more creative writing. She also loves Bible study and is active in the Church of Christ Bible study programs.


Alice recently attended a week long writer’s conference in Alpine, TX, at Sul Ross University . She brought us an essay she wrote while she was there entitled: “Excuse Me, Do You Quilt?” The essay was great but most intriguing was her description of the conference exercise – take a walk and “see what you can find out about your passion in Alpine, TX.” Imagine doing things like that for a whole week! How exciting!! Alice will be a perfect fit for our group! Come meet her in September!


Megan Willome has had kids home all summer (we remember those days!) but still managed to write her regular column for The Wacoan and brought a recent column for us to read, “A Loaf in the Hand.” You will love this article if you ever get to read it!! So funny, so Fredericksburg , where everybody is somebody’s cousin or board member!!! Email Megan @ and ask her to send it to you. Megan also managed to write an article on homework helps that was assigned on a Tuesday and due that Saturday! Excellent writing, Megan!!! Thanks for bringing that to us.


Sheila Kale brought us her newest devotional, “Invitation,” which you can read at: under “latest devotions”. This particular devotion is not posted on the site yet, but will be soon. If you would like to be on Sheila’s list to receive her devotions by email, just sign up towards the bottom of the page. “Invitation” is based on Proverbs 29:18 and reflects Sheila’s growing desire for revival for our selves, our community, our city, and our nation. Please join Sheila and other faithfuls on Market Square every Thursday evening at 6:00 for prayer for our nation.


Mary Eckert says all is going well with her publisher, Tate Publishing, and her book, Where Was God When I Cried is on schedule for December publication. Mary brought us a poem she wrote, “Plant Me,” reflecting her deep love of gardening and how she see’s God in all natural creation, including herself. Mary plans to submit this poem to GreenPrints: A Weeder’s Digest.


But (we need a drum roll right here…..) Mary has had even bigger news since the meeting: OH MY GOSH!!!!  I just received a call from Pattie King (the daughter of B.B. King) ...she wants to fly to Texas NEXT month and begin our interview!  I told her she was more than welcome to come and stay with me for a few days to get started!!!  MY heart is beating like a runaway drum...I am so excited I can't think straight!  Any help...suggestions...and PRAYERS will be greatly appreciated.” Apparently, Pattie King, daughter of B.B. King, is a personal friend of Christian evangelist Peaches Evans, the lady whose biography is Where Was God When I Cried, and Peaches has told Pattie that she should let Mary write her biography!!!!! Mary was planning to fly to California with Peaches to meet Pattie but it appears Pattie is coming to meet Mary! Imagine! I’m so excited for you, Mary! We love being on this journey with you!!


Mary is also attending a new Brady writing group (just 17 miles from her home in Mason) that meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month, at 6:30, at the Brady Housing Authority conference room behind Super S, located one block east of the square. If anybody would like to attend the meeting along with Mary, email her at She would love the company. I want to ride along some day to visit the new group…


Cindy Harper (who we have missed so very much!) was back. The end of May, Cindy attended a Christian Romance Writers conference in Austin and met Terry Burns, an agent with Hartline Literary Agency who reps “inspirational fiction with a western flair.” Cindy says he seemed like a perfect fit for her Christian romance trilogy starting with Mark’s Mission, so she is working on a proposal for him and brought us just the first six pages: the cover letter, the sell sheet, her biographical information, a market analysis, a competitive analysis, and marketing strategies – I believe she said there will be 30 pages to the proposal when she is finished. This is a big undertaking and we were fascinated to read what Cindy had written and to hear her talk about how she researched and gathered this information. It’s so exciting to be growing along with Cindy through this process. I hope next month she brings the 3 page synopsis and the 6 page synopsis (is that right, Cindy?), and then the first chapters of Mark’s Mission. It’s been so long since we read this book and it is now around 80,000 words. We are praying for your success, Cindy!!!


Linda Colie has written a children’s chapter book, Tempest in a Teapot, which I had the privilege of reading last month. This delightful book is reminiscent of Beatrix Potter. Linda read us the first chapter and said she is writing more (good thing – she ended it with a cliff hanger). Hopefully, she will bring more next month BUT Linda also says she is working on a fiction piece about a Christian vampire! How does the vampire handle the cross of Christ? I asked Linda and she said, “That’s the problem!” Only Linda could pull this one off! I can’t wait to hear it all!!!!


Liz Eberle brought us encouragement, as usual!! Check out this web page: and scroll down to the fourth paragraph. Katie and Liz both had stories in A Cup of Comfort for Military Families and Liz wrote to Katie to compliment her story. When Katie read Liz’s story, she says, “Liz was encouraging me and I soaked it up…I actually cried.” Well deserved praise for our wonderful encourager, Liz!!!! What a heart-warming honor!!!


Liz has also been hard at work this summer (in addition to taking care of Gus and Melinda 24/7 and company, too) on her novel, Freedom Searchers, the story of a Christian slave girl in the 1800s. She brought Chapter 8, entitled “Bruises,” to us for the meeting but you can read chapters 1-7 at The book is really starting to come together. The characters are wonderful, Liz, and the story grabs and holds you, that’s for sure! Liz would appreciate any comments or suggestions on this book, so take a look and drop her an email. Good thing we have Cindy to learn from because I think Liz should be writing a proposal soon!


Sally Clark attended the new Johnson City writers group (that’s where I met Alice Kolb) and I think this is going to be a great group of writers. They are meeting the 1st Tuesday of every month, at the Johnson City library, at 9:30 a.m., in their beautiful meeting room. Why don’t we have a facility like this in our library??? L If anybody would like to ride along with me, I plan to attend the next meeting on September 1.


I have some news: remember all those toasts I wrote for June Cotner back in January? I submitted 43 of them and she has preliminarily accepted 25! This book, TOASTS: Words for Every Occasion, will be published by HarperOne but I have no idea when. June even wrote these encouraging words: LOVE 25 of your submissions!! Your toasts (and writing) are perfect for my vision for this book. So after you receive your preliminary acceptance form (it will go out tomorrow), you can see what I like and hopefully you'll consider submitting more.” I better get busy writing more toasts! What fun! And I just heard that my story, “The Letter,” along with some photographs, are being held for possible publication in Together, an online resource for Christian congregations.


I brought four poems to the meeting, “Westward Sail,” which won Honorable Mention from Abilene Writers Guild July Members Monthly contest, which grew into “Sail to California ,” and was critiqued by Melanie Faith, an online poetry course instruction. I wrote “Pink Noise,” to submit to the August AWG contest and “After Church on Sunday” is currently submitted to the Inspirit Literary Journal contest.


Barbara Loyd is very busy! Barbara is now president of the Tulsa , OK , newcomers club – Congratulations, Barbara! She has also made 4 submissions to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Count Your Blessings, one to The Smoking Book, a submission to Writer’s Digest: Your Story, and I just got word that her poem, “Blank Canvas” won an honorable mention from the High Prairie Poets Bi-Monthly Contest! I will send this poem out on a separate email for everybody to read. Way to go, Barbara! We are so proud of you!!! (((( )))) many hugs!


I ran into Bobbie Marsh in town the other day. She says that her husband, Bob, has had prostrate cancer and they have been in California for treatment since April. Bob is doing well now and they have purchased a bungalow in Florida so he can fish. Bobbie says they will split their time between here and there and friends are welcome to visit them in FL anytime they are in TX (it’s a small house)! Sounds like a go to me!!! We miss you, Bobbie.


Dayna Haines emails that: “I may be out of pocket for a while now that school is upon us…I certainly enjoy my time with y’all and still want to stay on the email list, just don’t know what my schedule will be like for the new year. Blessings to all.” We all understand how busy our other lives can keep us, Dayna, and you are welcome any time you can make it.


Dena Dyer is eagerly awaiting the start of the school year, which for her kids will not be until Aug. 26. See you soon, Dena! Katy Jones is still writing her blog, Freedom Bites. Check it out and experience the passion of patriotism. Kelly Polden also attended the Johnson City writers group and I think she will continue. Liz Brookshire sent her regrets that she could not attend. Mary Hartman stays in touch, our incognito member on a secret mission in Niagara Falls , NY . Megan reports that past member Anna Migeon has her own blog now, French Kids Don’t Get Fat: Methods and recipes to lead your children to love healthy foods without battles or manipulation. Anna is living in San Antonio now.


Remember to check the current submissions list at


We have two September birthdays – Ginny Bain on Sept. 16 and Kelly Polden on Sept. 29.

Can you believe that we all forgot our WOW birthday in July??? We were 8 years old!!! J


Our next meeting will be on

Monday, September 21,

at 5:30 p.m.

at the Highland Oaks Apartments clubhouse.

 Keep cool and keep writing! Love to all, Sally 


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