The April meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words was inspiring and educational. We all learned a few new words! Not those kinds of words...words like “repast” and “colloquial.” Look ‘em up!

On March 28th, five WOW members attended the first ever Fredericksburg Writers Conference at the University Center. Sally Clark, Vickie Wray, Alice Kolb, Karen Vanek and Mary Thompson were there to hear authors Pamela Morsi and Eva Pohler. Pamela Morsi ( is from San Antonio and writes chick-lit romance. Eva Pohler ( teaches at the University Center and she has self-published in the Young Adult fiction market. The plan is to offer paid critiques and workshops to fund bringing in editors and agents and to have events quarterly. Sounds exciting! I’ll be at the next one, too!

Valerie Gaumont gave us our story-starter, “The repast was magnificent” and we wrote for 15 minutes. It was great! Everybody had such wonderful stories. If you are stuck wondering what to write for next month’s meeting, try using this line for inspiration.

Valerie also brought us Chapter 7 of her book, “Miss Crissy’s Cooking School for Young Ladies.” In case you have missed the previous chapters, Valerie emailed me chapters 1-6 and I have attached them to this newsletter for everybody to read. And you will want to mark your calendars for May 10th, In Johnson City, at the Pecan Street Brewery (106 E. Pecan Dr.) at 7:00 you will be able to see the Last Chance Players enact two new radio plays, one by Bill Jung, a Johnson City Writers member, and one by Valerie Gaumont which is Chapter 17 of her new book, “Miss Crissy’s Cooking School for Young Ladies.” It really sounds like a fun evening and I plan to attend.

Lynn Harris read us a great story she is writing. There is no title to this work yet but Lynn says she is dreaming about this story at night with Margo renovating the neglected garden and the kind nurseryman who sells her plants at prices that she can afford. Lynn says the story just keeps com and we hope it does. I would love to hear more of it! Very intriguing characters.

Sheila Kale was with us but didn’t have anything to read. That’s OK – Sheila has been plenty busy lately. One of her recent projects was a Toastmasters competition and I know she had to write something for that – it’s just too long to bring to WOW.

Liz Brookshire brought us a nonfiction story called “The Day the Banks Closed” about Fredericksburg in the 1920s and the history of the banks in the town. It was fascinating to hear about Temple “Banker” Smith, who founded the Bank of Fredericksburg, and Citizens Bank, founded by several local men, one of whom was my and Liz’s great-grandfather, Oscar Krauskopf. Liz says she gets her information from old newspaper stories, court records, and from interviewing people in the nursing homes when she makes her presentations there. That’s about as first hand as you can get these days! I’m so thankful Liz is making the effort to record their stories and to put all these together.


Liz Eberle brought us a new version of one of her old stories, “Grandmother and Mrs. Robin’s Eggs” that she plans to submit to Greenprints: The Weeder’s Digest  I think this would be a great fit, Liz! Go for it. Such a heart-warming story!

Vickie Wray brought us the funniest thing we’ve heard in a long time. She called it a Family Feud game between the Bubbas and the Taters. It was a parody from the Johnny Carson show and she asked Liz Brookshire and Sheila Kale to read it. The first one to laugh lost the game. Sheila lost when she laughed so hard she cried. Liz won but she was laughing about a minute after Sheila. And of course, we were all laughing, too, with this hilarious piece. Thank you so much, Vickie, for sharing this with us!

Linda Colie didn’t have anything to share but she wrote a very good piece to Valerie’s story-starter that we all enjoyed. Linda says she has about four stories she is writing in her head. Her sister, Chris, says Linda has been struggling with a lot of fatigue lately and that has prevented her from getting her words onto paper.

Sally Clark brought Chapter Four from her novella, The Art of Christmas. I also brought two poems, “Peace Rose,” and “Blankets.” I appreciate everybody’s help on these pieces.

Here is news from world of WOWs –


I am so sorry to have to tell you that Betty Mucha has aggressive breast cancer and had a lumpectomy here in Fbg. on April. 3rd.  Betty writes: I went back for post op check up today. Everything is healing just fine. I really had very little pain, only the first day of surgery. They did not find cancer in any other breast tissue or the lymph glands. They did remove 2 lymph glands and sent them to lab. With only 2 missing I shouldn't have too much trouble with my arm swelling. That is good news because I use my arms a lot! They do want me to follow up with either chemo or radiation (usually radiation when they do a lumpectomy). I will talk with the oncologist, but not sure if I will do anything more. I feel as good as I ever have. I can use all the prayers I can get to make the right decisions and for healing. I hope to start writing again and look forward to the good feedback I get from the WOW group. You have our prayers, Betty! Keep us posted!

Dena Dyer is praising God for a successful neck surgery. She is recovering at home now. Catch up with Dena and read about her surgery on her blog: Dena’s newest book is on Amazon now, Wounded Women of the Bible. Check it out and order your copy at:

Karen Vanek emailed: I will be out of town but plan to be there in May. I will miss each if you. See you next month, Karen.

Our sympathies go out to Katy Jones who lost her sister-in-law, Charlotte Jones, very suddenly this past month. She sounds like a wonderful woman, Katy.

Megan Willome's article "The Titanic: How Not to Write about Tragedy" appears on Tweetspeak today at:

Sheri Pattillo, Megan Willome, Sally Clark, and Pam Perrin have been coming to TWiG and working through the book Writing the Life Poetic by Sage Cohen. We’ve been writing some pretty good stuff, too!

We have one birthday in the next month, Liz Brookshire on May 9.

Love, Sally

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