The April meeting of the Hill Country Women of Words met at the EMS Building on April 16th for food, fellowship, and the sharing of words.


Sally Clark passed out one of Alice Kolb’s recent emails from Nazareth, Israel. Alice’s adventures there have been wonderful and it’s been amazing to journey along with her through her emails. She has been in Jerusalem this week and should be home next week.


Valerie Gaumont brought us a fun story called “Fat Jack” about her recent battle with an obese, insolent squirrel that not only eats her garden produce but has the audacity to season it first by way of her basil plant! Valerie lost this round. L But we loved her story and thought it would be a good fit for GreenPrints: The Weeder’s Digest.


Mary Eckert has re-written the first chapter of her book, Wounded Sisters, and she brought the first draft to us to read. I love the way this chapter starts the book with a murder, right up front. It appears Marci’s sister has killed her own husband, a Tennessee pastor, and the deacons at Morgana’s church have “requested” she attend a Pastor’s Wives Retreat in Fort Davis. We get the distinct feeling they are trying to prevent the justifiable homicide of their own pastor, Morgana’s husband. We’re so proud of you, Mary! Keep writing – we want to hear more!


Liz Brookshire is giving a presentation next week at Heritage Place at 3:15 on Vintage Wedding Dresses and she brought us part of her talk, “Pioneer Weddings.” Lizzie’s stories are so interesting. She even brought us a picture of herself in 1971 modeling a turn-of-the-century wedding dress for the 125th anniversary of the founding of Fredericksburg. Anybody can attend these talks – I plan to be there that day, if I can. Thank you, Liz. We’ve got to find someway for you to compile all this information into a book.


Sally Clark brought three poems, “Knife and Fork,” “I Keep Praying That She’ll Drown,” and “Flowers After a Wildfire” and one magical realism story, “In the Forest of Wild Poems.” I wrote “Flowers After a Wildfire” to submit to Weavings literary journal on the theme of Resilience. Thank you, everybody, for your suggestions and help.


Sheila Barnette read us more of her dad, Curley’s, letters home from WWII from December 2, 1944 to Jan. 17, 1945. Curley is stationed in England and hasn’t had a letter from home in six months when his mail suddenly catches up with him and he can luxuriate in 53 letters from people he loves. Both of Sheila’s parents were such good writers – hearing their letters and diaries is fascinating and emotional. Thank you, Sheila!


Betty Mucha read us a memoir she wrote for her children called “Blackberries, Kerosene and Those Nasty Old Chiggers!” It was a fun story – it should be published somewhere. The next time you see Betty, be sure to ask her about her terry cloth bikini!


Linda Colie isn’t writing much these days because she is busy illustrating a friend, Julie Smith’s, new picture book about mice living on the Heart and Star ranch. I got to see some of Linda’s colored pencil drawings at her apartment and they are wonderful! So cute!! And the best part is that Julie is going to pay her. We’re so proud of you, Linda!


Vickie Wray brought us a 3” binder that represents Camp Grandma 2002, full of photos of her grandkids acting out her skits and plays. The one she brought us this time was “Grudge Grocery Store.” Poor Joe carries around a heavy load, a big grudge, until a friend encourages him to give it over to Jesus so he can jump for joy instead of being miserable. What a cute skit, Vickie! And I got to be Joe!!! Imagine that....


Sheila Kale came to the meeting late but safe! She and Steven had to go to SA that day and on the way home, they had a flat tire on the freeway. What could have been a disaster turned out fine – God sent help right away - and they made it home fine. Thank you, Sheila, for coming. I’m sooooo happy you are safe. And Sheila has a new adventure – she is studying to become a Life Coach. Ask her about it the next time you see her.


Other news from the World of WOWs –


Glenda Thompson and Ginny Bain are both enrolled in Lianne Mercer’s fiction writing class that ends this month. I’ve enjoyed connecting with them both again and hearing their writings. Glenda’s daughter is getting married this month and after that, she hopes to return to WOW. Ginny will be back as soon as she retires. She has had some eye surgery recently but she’s fine now.


Katy Jones has had her first fan mail! She writes: “This is what the ten year old son of a friend wrote to me: It only took me two days to finish your book Leandra's Enchanted Flute. I couldn't put it down and I was up until 1:00 a.m. reading it. I really liked it. Thanks for writing it. I'm wondering what the sequel will be like. Write faster. ;-)”  Congratulations, Katy!!! I got to hear the first chapter of the next book in the series in the Boerne writers group and it is really good!


Kimberli Easley writes: I know you all think that I have disappeared.  The past few months have been a little crazy.  I was pretty sick for a few weeks and then I was concentrating on job hunting.  The last part-time job proved to be more than they advertised.  If all goes well I'll be starting at The Olive Oil Shop on Main next week.  Supposedly it's just a few hours on the weekends.  Also, I have been dog sitting for a nice retired couple when they need me. However, this has not slowed down the progress of the hound saga.  I am constantly writing and rewriting, as you well know. I will return when things slow down.  Thanks for keeping me in the loop!

Come back anytime you can, Kim. You are always welome. 


Liz Eberle has several new blog posts on her site,, welcoming and celebrating Easter. Enjoy her writings there.


Megan Willome is home from her trip to Belfast, Ireland, to report on the Titanic festivities for the magazine Senior News. I think we shold all get to enjoy this article - doesn't HEB have this periodical for free? I'm so glad she is home safe and sound and I can't wait to hear EVERYTHING!!! 


Pam Perrin is coming to TWiG and she is doing Robert Lee Brewer’s online 30 day poetry challenge of writing a poem every day to a specific prompt. This is a wonderful way to learn to write to theme and Pam is doing a great job.


Sheri Pattillo writes:I am so sad to miss once again.  Alas, my tax deadline draws near :)  Almost finished but will not be able to make the meeting.  Please give everyone my best!  Miss you all!” We miss you, too, Sheri!


We have two birthdays coming up – Aimee Martin on April 21st and Liz Brookshire on May 9th.


Let it rain, Father, please. And keep writing!!! 


Love, Sally

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