The Hill Country Women of Words met at Liz Eberle’s house on Monday, April 20, for a tasty and “fruitful” meeting!

Our guest speaker was Nancy Robinson Masters, (, a devoted Baptist, pilot, public speaker, prolific author, Vice-President of the Abilene Writers Guild and Program Chairman. I recently joined the AWG as a newsletter member (so I can enter their monthly contests!). Nancy and her two traveling companions, Jo Anne Horn and Vonda Jackson, just happened to be in the neighborhood, on their way to a school presentation in San Antonio , and we were lucky enough to have them visit our group.


Nancy presents a school program she calls, “Read ‘Em, Freedom.” She has written extensively for the children’s nonfiction market, and has published with Scholastic and Capstone. She is also published in numerous airline and flight magazines and publications. Nancy grew up in West Texas , a cotton farmer’s daughter, in the years of the horrible drought of the 50’s. Sleeping in a dry bathtub, Nancy was six years old when she watched an airplane write words in the sky and told her mother, “I want to do that.”

Her mother replied, “Well, Nancy , if you want to do that, you better go to school and learn how to spell, because when you write in the sky, you can’t make corrections!” Nancy has a heart to inspire children, especially girls, and she loves encouraging other writers, especially women. Take time to browse her web site – her experiences and accomplishments are amazing. She has traveled all over the world. Thank you, Nancy, so much, for coming!!

Liz Eberle read us a Biblical fiction piece she featured on her blog on Saturday, April 11 ( ). Her story, “My Lord is Dead,” gives a first-person account of the day Jesus died. The confusion, the despair, the anxiety, all are vividly painted in this moving story of one woman who followed Jesus. Be prepared to cry when you read it. Thank you, Liz.

Dena Dyer brought a copy of her new book, Mothers of the Bible, and read us one story from the book, the story of Hannah, mother of Samuel. Her book is on the shelves at The Closer Walk for anybody who would like to purchase a copy and is a bargain at only $1.99. Dena also had good news – Focus on the Family Publications has expressed an interest in a book proposal she submitted to them months ago. Dena needs to write one more chapter to send to them before they make their final decision. We will pray prayers of success for this one, Dena!

Sheila Kale is happy about her second place win in the area Toastmasters competition, but Sheila was more excited about the reception her speech received on Wednesday, April 15, at the local TEA (Taxed Enough Already) rally on Market Square . I’m so sorry to have missed this event, but Sheila’s speech was excitedly received. She was interrupted with applause several times!

Mary Eckert came to listen to Nancy Masters and to learn. She has not heard anything from Tate Publishing about her book, Where Was God When I Cried, and is growing anxious for a reply. Mary is going to attend the SCBWI Conference in Austin this Saturday with me. We shall return encouraged and enlightened!

Sally Clark brought two rough drafts – one of an adult article entitled “Blessings, Mercy, and Grace” and a children’s version of the same piece by the same title. The children’s piece needs a lot more work. Thanks, everybody, for the suggestions! I also shared the critiques I received from the Abilene Writers Guild contest. I was so impressed by the extensive reviews the judges wrote for each of my four entries. You sure get your money’s worth with those people! Make plans now to enter their contest next spring!

Liz Brookshire was with us after a few months absence, but she declined to read. We want to hear your words, Liz! Please bring them back to us!

Linda Colie brought the book she is working on, Stuck in Caliche County. Liz Brookshire read Chapter Five aloud and we laughed and laughed. Nancy Masters was particularly impressed with Linda’s writing. This story is getting better and better and we’re so proud of all Linda’s hard work. She keeps us in stitches!

Roylynn Brocksch was there to listen to our words and encourage us. We are always grateful for ears to hear our writings!!! Thank you, Roylynn!

Cindy Harper brought a copy of her cover letter to the 2010 Texas Poetry Calendar and her three entries. Cindy’s poetry is beautiful and I love the poem they accepted, “Fuzzy Math,” but I don’t see how they could have passed up “Oh, To Be a Lake .” I really don’t. There is surely a home for that one! Wonderful words, Cindy. Thank you!

Karen Eby hasn’t been able to come in ever so long, but she was present and brought a hand-out from her recent talk at Stonecroft Ministries on “Do’s and Don’t As Learned by an Amateur Photographer.” She also brought an essay of “Life is a Journey – God Has the Story for His Glory.” Both were inspiring and educational. Thank you, Karen, for coming and for sharing.

Dayna Haines didn’t make it – I think there was a mix up in communication with Mary. We’re so sorry to have missed you Dayna. Andrea Culpepper has been coming to TWiG and had hoped to make the meeting, but couldn’t. Kelly Polden and Megan Willome have been attending TWiG on Tuesdays, as well. Rebecca McCright had planned to come, but one of her children got sick and she was needed at home. Barbara Loyd sends her love from Oklahoma , Dorothy Leyendecker says hello from Florida , and Mary Hartmann sends her greetings from New York State .

We have a big change coming at the next meeting: we are trying out a new location.

On Monday, May 18th, at 5:30 p.m.,we will meet in the clubhouse of the Highland Oaks Apartments, 1019 Friendship Lane. These are the apartments behind Walmart where Linda Colie lives.

They have a very nice facility and it will be so easy for Linda, she can wheel herself right across the parking lot and be there in no time. There is a small kitchen, a sofa, a loveseat, two nice chairs, a table and four chairs, and a soda machine right outside the door so let’s give it a try and see if we fit! More details will follow in future emails.

Be sure to check the submissions blog, to stay current with contest and submission deadlines!

Write whatever you want, whenever you can, wherever you are.

Every day’s words are worth saving.

Love to all, Sally

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